Air Jordan 11 “For the Love of the Game” Custom

Inspired by Jordan Brand’s Pantone Collection, the customĀ Air Jordan 11 “For the Love of the Game” is Carolina blue to the max. Using the Air Jordan 11 “Silver Anniversary” as a canvas, this custom features a completely Tar Heel upper. The white laces, white lining and ice midsole stay consistent to accent the slew of light blue. Brought to life by DeJesus Customs, this North Carolina color scheme would fit right in on UNC campus.

Should JB pay homage to Tar Heel nation and release an all-blue version of Air Jordan’s most famous shoe? Let us know your thoughts on this university makeup in the feedback spot below.

Air Jordan 11 "For the Love of the Game" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "For the Love of the Game" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "For the Love of the Game" Custom


  1. Joshua Wadley says:


  2. Telvin Harris says:

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  3. Jim Beers says:


  4. Andy Lee says:

    people need to stop ruining shoes

  5. Edward Harris says:

    Too much blue

  6. Aeron Nicolas says:

    how i wish its mine :)

  7. Dimitar Brany Dimitrov says:

    It’s not the original, but (in my opinion) a nice spin-off

  8. Josh Lavene says:


  9. Derrick Hernandez says:

    Reminds me of a shitty version of the pantone collection

  10. Kalen Elliott says:

    Papa smurf wants his shoes back

  11. Kelvin Morillo says:

    I wish they would stop messing up a classic shoe

  12. Milton Donnie Virge says:

    Lol they so fake where the jump man at

  13. Bryan Cardoso says:

    Not fake, they probably used the anni 11s

  14. Jay Gleckner says:

    what part of “the game” is this?

  15. Jay Gleckner says:

    where did the jumpman go?

  16. Bryant Presley Sr. says:


  17. Ralo Ayala says:

    They’re customs off of the anniversary 11s… if ya know your shit you would know those 11s didn’t have a jumpman.

  18. Chris Collins says:

    Boring as shit…

  19. Emmanuel Cuillier says:

    SMH Disgusting!

  20. Gild Tyga Levon Send says:

    not that good