Jordan Brand continues to supply the masses with beloved retros year in and year out. Many retros are valorized for specific reasons, such as color scheme, quality or attention to detail, but regularly, the storied brand incorporates all of those characteristics, and then some, into releases that captivate the public with their beauty. With those instances in mind, check out 23 of the Most Luxurious Air Jordan Retros of the Last 5 Years.

Air Jordan 6 “Motorsport”


Released: February 2010

The “Motorsport” 6, one of the most anticipated and limited releases of 2010, features an extremely rich, white leather base. The white/black cement print, located on the inner lining, and gold Jordan branding also deserve mention in regards to how luxurious this retro is.


The 23 Most Luxurious Air Jordan Retros

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