Here’s to the Roc: KD Colorways Inspired by Jay-Z Album Covers

It wasn’t long after unloading his ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets that Shawn Carter, the sports agent, made the executive decision to sign Kevin Durant to the Roc Nation sports management imprint. A known fan of Jay-Z, Durant exited from under the veteran prowess of Rob Pelinka to join up with the emcee. While in the music industry this would usually call for a collaborative cut, being a superstar athlete with a signature sneaker deal, it’s only right that the two come together to produce some special colorways of KD’s signature line to commemorate the landmark signing. Check out the album-inspired colorways we came up with for the KD line, and let us know which ones you would cop in the comments.

Nike KD I “Reasonable Doubt”

While the KD 1 probably isn’t considered a classic, pairing it up with the timeless Reasonable Doubt album might be just what this model needs to change a few minds.

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