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LeBron James might have thought he had put the discussion to rest with his “I’m not MJ, I’m LJ” tweet regarding his career legacy, but he didn’t account for the signature sneaker comparison argument. After being teased with a first look at the upcoming Nike LeBron XI, and keeping in mind that the Air Jordan 11 was undoubtedly a milestone for the Air Jordan line, it’s about time that we reflect upon the LeBron signature line. To ensure that this isn’t a boring history lesson, we’ve livened things up by stacking LeBron’s kicks up against the gamut of Jordans in a head-to-head matchup to see how it measures up with the legendary line. Cast your vote, and help decide whose kicks come out on top in the Jordan vs. LeBron Signature Line Showdown.

Nike Air Zoom Generation vs. Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Zoom Generation v Air Jordan I
Predicated on catering to the technical side of shoe design while providing optimum comfort, the Nike Air Zoom Generation still managed to be an aesthetically pleasing and provocative sneaker. The Air Jordan 1, on the other hand, sported a silhouette that took cues from the Nike Team Convention and Nike Dunk. Interestingly, going the safer route with the Air Jordan I proved to be effective, as it has been the most retro’d sneaker in the line, transitioning well as an off-the-court shoe.

Which was the better debut sneaker?

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