What We’d Like to See from Agassi and Nike

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What We'd Like to See from Andre Agassi & Nike's New Partnership
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Tomorrow, we see the relaunch of the Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache, the first widespread retro release from Andre Agassi‘s famed signature line since he rejoined Nike. Kicking things off on the right foot, we take a look back at six things we were hoping to see happen in result of the reunited partnership.

Andre Agassi is back with Nike, but what does this mean for sneakerheads? Much like Michael Jordan or even Allen Iverson, Andre Agassi changed the game, dress code, and culture of his sport. His accolades are heralded, his outfits are iconic, and Nike has a chance to refresh our memories and our rotations thanks to this recent announcement. While we do some waiting, we’ll also do some wanting. Take a look at some of the things we’d like to see from Andre Agassi and Nike’s renewed partnership.

Sneaker Retros

Nike Air Tech Challenge; Andre Agassi signature shoe

Decades ago, the tennis category was the premier sector in athletic footwear. The term ‘tennis shoes’ proves such, as the kicks built for court and clay had the original crossover appeal to casual wear. Tennis footwear was pivotal not only on the casual forefront, but also in the signature shoe movement. Rod Laver, Stan Smith, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, Michael Chang, Pete Sampras, and many more endorsed models that were big at the time and still see wear today.

In retro lore, we’ve seen basketball, football, and baseball all make waves in recent years. The likes of Penny Hardaway, Bo Jackson, and Ken Griffey Jr. have seen their signature lines sellout in stores and even spawn new and updated models. Could Agassi shoes return to Nike see the same effect? We’ve seen Nike Air Tech Challenge retros and even hybrids, but none with Agassi tagging.

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