Yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers started their postseason campaign without longtime leader Kobe Bryant. While Bryant’s injury will keep him out of the playoffs and likely some of next season, Kobe and Nike both believe he will be back. In a new ad from the Swoosh, the Black Mamba’s long list of inspirational accolades is highlighted, followed by a challenge to do it again. The spread came as a surprise to Kobe, as the Laker legend expressed his gratitude via Twitter and Instagram.

Source: USA Today

  • SamAlzahawi

    DFelic Baas van de wereld. #Kobe

  • YellowingSucks

    Black Mamba and the Lake Show will be in full effect next season.

  • ThePrufessa

    in response to the very first line, kobe didn’t really show us that an 18 year old can play with the best. he rode the bench his first two seasons. now lebron’s rookie year showed us what an 18 year old can do with the best. i think the cavs even beat the lakers during lebron’s rookie season.

  • BarrackOSwagga

    @ThePrufessa You obviously don’t have good comprehension skills…he didn’t ride the bench he played 71 and 79 games his first two seasons and PLAYED with the best. 2nd season averaged 16 pts per game mostly off the bench. You may want to fully understand something before throwing shade.

  • BarrackOSwagga

    @ThePrufessa riding the pine =  you get no burn/clock

  • BarrackOSwagga

    When Kobe came in the league, coming in from HS wasn’t the norm. So that first line is what exactly what it is…he showed us an 18yr old can play with the best. Salute.

  • YellowingSucks

    @BarrackOSwagga @ThePrufessa Amen, preach to these dudes.

  • BarrackOSwagga

    @ThePrufessa <—-Lakers Vs Cavs Boxscore for LeBron’s first game verse the Lakers. NO Shaq, NO Kobe. Get your facts right, cause real sports fanatics like me won’t let the talking out the ass fly.

  • guttapunk

    @BarrackOSwagga  @ThePrufessa This just shows that sneakerheads aren’t necessarily sports fanatics.  long live the sports fan and athlete who really appreciate the shoes for what their worth.