What’s In a Name?: The Meaning Behind Footwear Brand Names

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In the modern footwear market, the majority of popular brands have been around for decades, and have in turn become household names. What?s in a name, though? Highlighting eight classic sneaker makers, we take a look back at the origin and inspiration behind each brand?s name.


The Nike Swoosh

Originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman switched the brand name to Nike in 1978. The name Nike is borrowed from the Greek goddess of victory, strength, and speed. In Greek mythology, the goddess was also known for her wings.

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  1. JasonATJ says:

    Somebody told me that adidas stood for All Day I Do All Sports. I believed them -.-

  2. JJF says:

    @JasonATJ¬†I used to think it stood for All Day I Dream About Sex…

  3. ThePrufessa says:

    @JasonATJ¬†sorry, it’s all day i dream about sex bro.

  4. ClifCs6 says:

    I don’t buy shoes just cuz of the name, i buy them to turn heads and to look good, hell if a shoe was called poo poo’s and they looked good, i’d buy em.