Air Jordan 5 “Grape” Official Images

Miss out on the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” back in 2006? You’ll have another shot this year. Today from Jordan Brand, we get official images of the upcoming retro. Smooth white leather runs the base, with purple popping up on the midsole and tongue. Emerald green graces the branding, mesh marks the midfoot, and black highlights the lining and heel. These are set to release on May 4th, 2013 at select Jordan Brand accounts.

Check out the official page for the Grape Jordan 5s.

Air Jordan 5 “Grape”
White/New Emerald-Grape Ice-Black
May 4, 2013

Air Jordan 5 "Grape"

Air Jordan 5 “Grape”

Air Jordan 5 "Grape"

Air Jordan 5 “Grape”


  1. jamesomatic says:

    As beautiful as the grapes are I just cant get with JB’s new material for all of these retro releases. Pass.

  2. Neezy says:

    And those CP3 Vs!

  3. Neezy says:

    Have the ’06s and as much as I’d like an updated pair and in a size I can wear comfortably, I won’t be pressed if I can’t get them. Laney’s are a top priority this year in the Vs, as well as the black grapes.

  4. _jaaaaawsh says:

    I’m so ready. These are my literal grails. This is gonna be the only pair of Jordans that IDEC about the quality. I just want them. I’ll be camping out where I can and putting my name in every damn raffle in existence.

  5. Neezy says:

    @_jaaaaawsh Damn, that’s extreme. lol

  6. TommyPritchett says:

    @_jaaaaawsh what sz u wear?

  7. mineisbiggerthanyours says:

    nice but wont trip…had the og’s so im not pressed…would rather have the black ones

  8. Degoody says:

    @jamesomatic I think I’m in the same boat as you. Quality has gone down every year!

  9. gorgonphone says:

    dont want

  10. gorgonphone says:

    @jamesomatic lol the old ones had crappie material also

  11. Jokoko says:

    I have them already ;-)
    That’s the good side of living in China!
    Note: There ain’t fake, just B-grade with actually no defect…

  12. UGH says:

    @Jokoko How are the materials?

  13. Takiyah_ says:

    Just looking at these make my heart beat fast. Gotta have them.

  14. Jokoko says:

     The leather is very nice, and plastic parts are well-looking. Just a small flaw: there is half of a millimeter of white painting that overflowed on the purple part on the front-external side of the right shoe. You actually need a microscope to point it out.. But to me, this ain’t shocking since the quality of AJ has decreased a bit in the last past years. So let’s say, this is officially a B-grade with the quality of a GR.

  15. gotnewkix says:

    Taking orders for these right now. 250$ shipped 100% authentic. [gotnewkix at gmail]

  16. geeman4life says:

    I would show you guys a pic of me wearing these in 1992 at Great Adventures in NJ but you guys would LOL me to my grave and it would tell you how old I am

  17. YellowingSucks says:

    @gotnewkix Go home!

  18. YellowingSucks says:

    @Neezy  No doubt, im copping all V’s dropping this year…Not a camper man but those black grapes? i’ll do what i have to lol

  19. JordanEj says:

    I wanted these soo bad back when they dropped but i was broke.. and jobless.. could get them this time but i dont think itll be the same…. EVERYBODY AND THEY MOMMA GONE HAVE THEM