Nike Zoom Rookie “Iron Man 3″ Custom

I.Am.Iron Man.


  1. KingLee93 says:

    This shit killed all the iron man customs

  2. treesty says:

    dems cleant

  3. mineisbiggerthanyours says:


  4. DGonzo42 says:

    MrJStar25 those are sick! Will you be putting a video out on these?

  5. MrJStar25 says:

    DGonzo42 Yeah, They should be arriving this week and I’ll for sure do a video got show the kicks and highlight what jpcustomkicks can do!

  6. DGonzo42 says:

    MrJStar25 awesome can’t wait to see the video. Great job on these jpcustomkicks!

  7. DGonzo42 says:

    MrJStar25 awesome can’t wait to see the video. Great job on these jpcustomkicks!

  8. sneakerist says:

    jpcustomkicks I think these are actually better than the bron X.. jmo

  9. jpcustomkicks says:

    follow on instagram @jpcustomkicks

  10. acdc2 says:

    Look good. Better than the Lebrons and that weird plastic tackle box they came with.

  11. GamerAllDay19 says:

    jpcustomkicks i have a pair of all red rookies would you another pair of thone iron mans?

  12. GorgeousLegend_ says:

    JoelHoke LikableAsshole hella tight! Lol

  13. LikableAsshole says:

    JoelHoke GorgeousLegend_ not a huge fan of the colorway, the lights are a nice touch tho

  14. JoelHoke says:

    GorgeousLegend_ LikableAsshole I wasn’t blown away by em until I saw the lights then I thought they were tight haha

  15. jpcustomkicks says:

    GamerAllDay19 sure, email me jpcustomkicks@gmail.com and i’ll give you more info

  16. RDogg23 says:

    “Best Custom Ever”-Comic Book Guy

  17. GamerAllDay19 says:

    jpcustomkicks I just sent you an email.

  18. ianstonebrook says:

    jpcustomkicks no problem man, great work

  19. YellowingSucks says:

    Love the custom and Rookies both…Nike should hire some of these “custom” guys to their design staff. Not saying that the people they have aren’t creative but a lot of the times a little tweak here or there like what sole swap does to the alot of the foams by accenting the shoe with an outsole that matches the cw instead of all these clear soles, which are nothin more than a money grab in my opinion but thats another discussion all together.

  20. idsolecreator says: