These kicks were set to release but didn’t and some actually are but you know after they were “suppose” to. Ya mean?

  • MoyoHambo

    More recently, kicksonfire fooled everyone w/ an AJ11 holiday release with a solar red yeezy colorway

  • QuickNick13

    nicekicks that “Slam Dunk” would of been nice

  • Earnestine7ky9c
  • flybrotha
  • YellowingSucks

    @flybrotha So…

  • YellowingSucks

    @flybrotha So…

  • YellowingSucks

    @MoyoHambo Yea they had the Lightning 4’s releasing last month for a bit lol, I could be the source for that site.

  • YellowingSucks

    @MoyoHambo Yea they had the Lightning 4’s releasing last month for a bit lol, I could be the source for that site.

  • Warren Welds

    since da Aqua 8z count, I call da Aqua 5z. this rumor is killin me! we need a confirmation! -_-

  • joel oliver

    I’m still waiting on the Zoom Flight 98s aka the Glove that everyone promised would release in March. It’s April now, where the $&@£ are my Gloves?!?!?

  • iKarlaB

    thenamesNICE wait. Wait. So those Grape Js aren’t coming out !? I’m too lazy too read shit right now…

  • NicePersonNia

    iKarlaB thenamesNICE wait what? The grapes not dropping?

  • Lusinmader

    @joel oliver I always heard (on Niketalk) October.

  • tomsawy13625328

    if you dont want to be fooled head over to to stay up to date with release info

  • Darren Graves

    No aquas?? (O~O)

  • 23kicksfor23chicks

    I definitely wouldn’t mind the Grape/Laney pack and the Slam Dunk Pack. Those are some great ideas.

  • greghall024

    @flybrotha somebody just got got because those are still in every store for retail loool

  • hordinjordans

    i dont want the aqua 8 to come out every little punk is going to have them im fine with my 07 pair still a strong 9 out of 10 condition on them

  • bingham302
  • thenamesNICE

    NicePersonNia iKarlaB nah they dropping. But they old rumor was they was supposed to drop like last year or the year before in a package

  • thenamesNICE

    NicePersonNia iKarlaB the package was supposed to be the grapes and laneys. Another old rumor was the 2 & 3’s in a slam dunk champ package

  • iKarlaB

    thenamesNICE NicePersonNia oh! I dont need all that shit anyways.. so I’m good. those grapes w/ be my first pair of Js…

  • NicePersonNia

    iKarlaB thenamesNICE your first pair? Shit. Yeah I need those grapes. But I doubt they drop them in pack. 5s can’t really be paired

  • iKarlaB

    NicePersonNia thenamesNICE yes! My first pair. Don’t judge me. LoL

  • mcawesome0

    the yeezy jordan 11’s april fools by kicks on fire

  • Ublandabar

    @flybrotha go to ebay and Craigslist with all that, move along homie

  • Ublandabar

    The biggest April fools joke is the kd v

  • treesty

    @YellowingSucks  @flybrotha it’s highly appropriate that the dude YellowingSucks isn’t buyin that shit bein shoveled.

  • Jonathan Broder

    as ling as we get the gamma blue xi in december i am str8! hand down;man down!

  • KickGator

    It’s always funny to see Jordan hypebeasts have hissy fits about J’s is to hilarious.
    #keep hypebeastin’ #YES! YES! YES!