For today’s From the Vault Friday edition of Live Look, we highlight the Nike Air Max 96. Get the details on this edgy runner we wouldn’t mind brought back as we delve into the Air Max portion of our vault. Got a pair in mind you’d like to see us dig up for next week? Let us know in the comments.

  • LouisBlaut

    @nike Bring these back out. I always wanted them but couldn’t afford them at that age.

  • wjw56

    What a coincidence.  My AM 96 scream green just died, so I hope Nike does retro them.  Not bad for a 17 year old pair of sneakers!

  • Natedog7835

    Can you do a review on the Nike air humura sneakers colors are blue orange Nike sign on side black & grey and reflects in light. Also has a sort of spike bottom rubber type I think they were part of the ACG collection

  • needDSNAO

    I hope they re-retro them, cause i need them for a midsole swap on my OG’s.

  • nyjumpman23

    These need to be brought back ASAP.


    rocking the 96 max evolve right now…closest thing to a retro you could get. i really hope they drop these soon. i used to run x-country in em.

  • EDD1212

    yes release those , i had them in ’96 , when i use to work in DR.JAYS , yes release those , they r classics & theirs another pair u need to release …..

  • EDD1212

    yes release those , i had them in ’96 , when i use to work in DR.JAYS , yes release those , they r classics & theirs another pair u need to release ….. release them ASAP

  • notkeaton

    you should dig up the nike sb blazer milk carton

  • Aleon453

    had these ruined them on the first wear need this!

  • AndresSanchez

    dam i had a chance to get them ds on ebay smh deff on the look out for these i need a size 7.5 or 7

  • CueOrr

    Please retro, please.

  • cdb23

    these cant come back quick enough!!! i bought them at just for feet and wore them till they were totaled

  • Yohanimo22

    Please dig out the Air Max 98 II!

  • BigSam81

    @cdb23 Just for feet?! Holy shit! Not sure if you are from Columbus or not but we had one here back in the day that had a basketball court inside where you could ‘test’ your shoes after you bought them. So dope. Good call.

  • BigSam81

    Never understood why these get no retro love. I personally like the 96’s better than the 95’s. If the Metal Max version ever drops….. sweet baby Jesus!

  • 305Kicks

    makes me wish it was 1996 again lol .. my P.E. teacher had these

  • JonnyBballakajstarks

    This parsley guy makes me want to drown myself !

  • i8urC00kie

    The old 90’s air max’s and the 1’s are the only air max’s I like today… All the air max’s today are ugly and uncomfortable. The only decent air max nike has come out with lately is the 2011. I will admit those were nice but since the 90’s those have been the only good ones. Now I just buy free runs and 90’s air max retros. Much better than todays air max’s

  • thatkiddowntheblock

    what song is that

  • klavender83

    Got to have them Nike did retro them with 360 sole

  • Patrick Nolen

    I forgot all about those air max. Until i saw them on a throwback pic my friend had on his Facebook page. I didn’t know Nike never came back out with them. I seen the air max 95 but not the air max 96. Nike please bring them back out, they will do just as well as the air max 95. Ya’ll will make a grip off those air max 96!!! Its all about retro!!