My 5: Pusha T’s Sneaker Rotation

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From the early days of his Clipse career to his solo showcase on G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha T has always been a man of high taste. Designer sportswear and luxury labels have remained in rotation all the while, outfitting him in every era. We caught up with Push to hear his current favorites on the foot in this installment of My 5.

Balenciaga Cambure

Pusha T: “The deconstructed, high top Balenciagas, with the ridges. They’re really dope. I like to wear shoes that are conducive to comfort, whether they’re Nikes or Balenciagas. In a sense, I like to wear sweats a lot, whether they’re designer or regular sweats. They make me comfortable and the shoes compliment those.”

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  1. Neezy says:

    I bet everyone thought his rotation would be all Yeezy kicks and high end brands as well. Not bad though! Especially the Infrared pack and the Asics Runners

  2. YellowingSucks says:

    Yo peep that chick in the first row eyeballin them Yeezys lol.

  3. Defender0fAloha says:

    Lmao first time seeing Em in person I bet@YellowingSucks

  4. pUp says:

    I expected all Balenciaga’s…

  5. DJNateGrey says:

    Does he really need to tell us that he wears $2000 jeans and $500 t-shirts. Cmon son just say black jeans and a black tee.

  6. treesty says:

    anybody know anything about that hat?

  7. BrockRussellHopkins says:

    @treesty I can only tell you that it’s a five panel

  8. pUp says:

    @treesty if I had to guess I would say its probably his own brand called “play clothes”

  9. Neezy says:

    @DJNateGrey Never did he specify the amount of his jeans or shirts.

  10. DJNateGrey says:

    @Neezy well now you know.

  11. Tyronepnsfocofd says:

    IllumiYannii http://t.co/SlM0AVsO1a

  12. treesty says:

    @pUp  @treesty thanks, good lookin out

  13. pUp says:

    @treesty all good

  14. BrandonBasedSodmgBarros says:

    @pUp right dat man wore arenas alot

  15. BrandonBasedSodmgBarros says:

    @pUp right dat man wore arenas alot

  16. pUp says:

    @BrandonBasedSodmgBarros like 90% of the time he’s on CSS