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23 Comments on "A “Sneak Peek” Inside Lance Gross’ Sneaker Closet"

  1. Chopz

    i’m not gonna lie i be straight hating on these dudes that get all this free stuff from Jordan Brand. Especially when they’re not even pro athletes.

  2. filthymouth116

    Everybody has the same story. “Couldn’t get the sneakers as a kid, now that you have money you buy all of them.”

  3. RDogg23

    The tone in this dude’s voice was classic!!! As he opened the box w/ the shoes in it, F***kin’ X-mas day!!!! Then he started opening the shoe boxes and it turned to utter disappointment. “Shout out to Jordan” really meant “I coulda walked into my local mall and picked these up punk ass shoes on my own” Exclusives are only sent to a Who’s Who Homie!!!

  4. Chopz

    @js21345 actually… U can’t just walk in to a store and get the Knicks or Chicago color way of the 1s anywhere right now… Except from some reseller, never mind gettin em for free

  5. js21345

    lucas did i say i that? Guy bragging about all his jordan packages and they send him a bunch of GR that compared to other releases arent that great.  SO GFY.

  6. js21345

    @Chopz  @js21345 oh but if u did walk into the mall late on the day they were released you could still find them there.  I went into champs 2 days after the knicks were released and they were still there.  Not to mention the other non retro shoes they sent him which still are on the shelves.

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