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16 Comments on "Live Look: Jordan Spizike “Poison Green”"

  1. InstagatorMayhemMiller

    how come you guys call em “Poison Green”? Majority of sites call them “Easters” , you guys jus makin up nick names now? It barely even green…smh

  2. InstagatorMayhemMiller

    Why you guys call it “Poison Green”, majority of sneaker sites are calling them “Easters”, you guys just making up nick names now? SMH

  3. JonnyBballakajstarks

    I love the silhouette of the spizike but most of the color ways I cannot say the same thing. I likes the white cement and black patent leather but that’s about it.

  4. greghall024

    lmao i’ve heard poison green nickname before this so they didnt make it up. still, that name sounds like it refers to something MUCH better

  5. InstagatorMayhemMiller

    @DIGGWHAT wrong…when they released people were saying the exact same thing, that they was barely any “concord” on the shoe. No one says anything now since its been damn near 16 years since the OG release..oh and I wasn’t complaining I was asking a question.

  6. RDogg23

    They said they were never gonna make another Spizike ever again?! That’s it!!! I quit!!!! I’m through w/ the sneaker and the whole game altogether! Nahhhh! I’m just kidding. These are F***king ugly. Like all Spizikes.

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