And it was all floral.

  • zachdevriez

    Wait where can I get these??

  • Darryl Bennett-Calvin


  • Nicholas Shakur Abankwa

    nice colour

  • Santiago Delgadillo

    do you guys have these in the store yet?!

  • Rondo Hsieh



    Santiago Delgadillo nope, Santiago, skate shops only

  • Herbert B. Vargas what skate shops have these early then so that i can cop ?


    CommeDesSapon why has your swag been on point since bay harbor?

  • CommeDesSapon

    BHB_ROLY cus i got swag on top of swag on top of swagg

  • YellowingSucks


  • darrenxho

    shaunbadong that’s so hip

  • shaunbadong

    darrenxho ikr, damn, i need a pair hahah. pokai man.

  • darrenxho

    shaunbadong vans have done like a floral print series too i think haha

  • darrenxho

    shaunbadong hahaha hey hipsters like floral print too!!! vans idk what they’re called they don’t really have special names

  • highdef

    straight crack! wishin they could’ve put this print on the mids to cover more space

  • RealKillaT

    PiLs_TK Ahahaha oui jai vu ca!! me pousse pas!


    Will probably be waiting for you launchboardshop “D_Squeeze: Dawwwwg. I need those in my life.RTCRBLS: D_Squeeze”

  • RecklessAlex15

    Where can I buy these shoes ?

  • YellowingSucks

    @RecklessAlex15 Yea Nice Kicks help us out with some release info!

  • Adam_McNair

    ashhleymoran everyone is doing that floral now

  • ashhleymoran

    Adam_McNair its digital lol idk how i feel about it hours later