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8 Comments on "Nike Sportswear “Superhuman” Collection"

  1. pUp

    I like them, but these are two shoes that crease way too easy ( I know all shoes crease with wear, but these crease hard )

  2. geeman4life

    Is it me or does the lebron hyperflight look like a galaxy theme even the lunar force swoosh got that galaxy theme

  3. RDogg23

    I like the Kobes. Remind me of the Alien movies. “Because just one of those things managed to wipe out my entire crew in less than 24 hrs!!!”

  4. KingOfKicks2013

    Lebron rating: 9/10  
    Kobe rating: 10/10
    KD rating: 10/10
    I love all three of them. I love all the detailing. But the Lebron wouldn’t be my first choice. I dont know how I feel about that orange color. Cop or Drop? [COP]
    The Kobe has the best colorway out of bunch in my opinion. I just love that green color combined with the black. Cop or Drop? [COP]
    The KD’s would be my second choice, I love how the lightning looks with the blue. Cop or Drop? [COP]

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