With great power comes great kicks

  • Neezy

    These are crazy!

  • AshtonReedHuey

    Will these be available online?

  • pUp

    I like them, but these are two shoes that crease way too easy ( I know all shoes crease with wear, but these crease hard )

  • geeman4life

    Is it me or does the lebron hyperflight look like a galaxy theme even the lunar force swoosh got that galaxy theme

  • RDogg23

    I like the Kobes. Remind me of the Alien movies. “Because just one of those things managed to wipe out my entire crew in less than 24 hrs!!!”

  • Lbiddle25

    thenamesNICE those don’t look that good to me , but like the super hero theme

  • thenamesNICE

    Lbiddle25 I just like they brought them back. Nobody was expecting that.

  • KingOfKicks2013

    Lebron rating: 9/10  
    Kobe rating: 10/10
    KD rating: 10/10
    I love all three of them. I love all the detailing. But the Lebron wouldn’t be my first choice. I dont know how I feel about that orange color. Cop or Drop? [COP]
    The Kobe has the best colorway out of bunch in my opinion. I just love that green color combined with the black. Cop or Drop? [COP]
    The KD’s would be my second choice, I love how the lightning looks with the blue. Cop or Drop? [COP]