The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Collabs and classics highlight this week’s The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Unfortunately, only one can take ‘the good’ spot. Read on to check out our picks and give us your own in the comment section.


Reebok Shaq Attaq Release Date/Reebok Shaqnosis Release Date

Can you dig it? We sure can. Shaq’s return to Reebok brings more diversity to the retro game and more fun at that. Original colorways are always welcome and we’re excited to see what’s next from Swizzy and The Diesel.

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  1. mineisbiggerthanyours says:

    the bad is ugly and the ugly is not all that bad

    1. lace_fiend says:

      @mineisbiggerthanyours?ya i was just thinking those two shoes should switch categories

  2. curtdiggler1 says:

    i cant front…growing up, anyone that wore some shaqs got roasted! now they hyping them like they fresh…my how times have changed.

    1. Snpdo says:

      @curtdiggler1 you wear a fkin 8.5, which if you ask me would definitely not make you a lick over 14, but even if you were 18, you dont remember reebok shaqs, you remember kmart shaqs which is a completely different story my young friend

      1. treesty says:

        @Snpdo??@curtdiggler1?naw we clowned cats that rocked shaq’s, especially the shaqnosis and those booty instapumps. ?Not to mention the Reebok Preacher Ice are the nastiest things ever – no one rocked them, but if they did…

      2. curtdiggler1 says:

        @Snpdo?haha you must’ve been that kid we used to laugh at wit the bum ass shaqs on. Btw im 32, educate me on what shoe size has to do with age. im a 9 too, but i can wear 8.5 in some shoes old man, but definitely not shaqs!

        1. curtdiggler1 says:

          @Snpdo?yeah i got “happy feet” cause they aint in no bum ass shaqs! ?Looks like your parents fooled u and told u them shaqs was the shit when u were you was young! ?you was probably a size 13 ten year old who wore nothin but bum ass kicks. Shaq, mutumbo, hakeem wearing dufus!

    2. lace_fiend says:

      @curtdiggler1?shaqs are not the same as reebok

  3. Snpdo says:

    @curtdiggler1 Its not exactly an exact science but to normal sized people or atleast not little happy feeted boys like you, 8.5 for a grown man is a bit tiny and im not an old man, old ass man, im 25… and shaqs were clean then and still are you bum, thats why he had like 15 shoe lines since then, chasing the flame these earlier reeboks created…

  4. greghall024 says:

    since when did concord become royal blue…

  5. YellowingSucks says:

    @curtdiggler1  @Snpdo Damn no reply! Thanks for the laugh @curtdiggler1 that last comment was a killer