Reebok Shaq Attaq Release Date

Reunited and it feels so good. Shaquille O’Neal has returned to Reebok. Last night, the athlete and the brand came together at Project Trade Show in Las Vegas to announce the return of The Diesel’s signature line, starting with the Reebok Shaq Attaq. Look for the original Orlando-themed colorway to release in retro form on April 19th for $160 at select Reebok retailers.

Reebok Shaq Attaq
April 19, 2013


  1. Neezy says:

    Done dealy. Might even pass up the Retro VIII for these.

    1. PaoloTuliao says:

      @Neezy fo’ sho!

  2. Naptowns Finest says:

    Must Cop!!!

  3. vandakoJNR says:

    @DRO_xx fflw back

  4. Davey Boy Helem says:

    now these are decent…

  5. Danny Ruiz says:

    Thank u swizzbeats and shaq for bringing these back!

  6. Timyahn Beckwith says:

    $160 tho? Reebok? Lls

  7. Jemelle Lawrence says:

    Done Deal..

  8. Herbert McDowell says:

    Where to cop@

  9. luisvictor79 says:

    Me: “May I please Cop you, Shaq Attaqs?”
    Shaq Attaqs: “Yes, please, Sir…”

  10. Sharod Taylor says:

    The only Reebok anything I will buy!!! Yes!

  11. Charles Moore says:

    I remember when these first came out. I would actually like to buy some but not for $160. I’ll just wait until the price reaches way under $100.

  12. Sergio Muniz says:

    Steve Artinez check it

  13. crippymane says:

    @Sneakerpedia i do

    1. Sneakerpedia says:

      @crippymane they’ve been a long time coming

      1. crippymane says:

        @Sneakerpedia hope they come to puerto rico

  14. PaoloTuliao says:

    No question about this one. A definite cop!

  15. Sennastien says:

    COP ^^

  16. 801commandercool says:

    Damn, look at Reebok stepping up their game. Very cool.

  17. JABZ215 says:

    $160 for some Reeboks though? Taking a card outta the ol’ JB deck i see.. DEF a cop fo sho! Any of you guys remember when these first hit the scene? It was CRAZY! AHHHH those were the days mang..

    1. Naptowns Finest says:

      @JABZ215?these were $200 back in the day and you had to buy the air refill for the pump so don’t complain about the price

  18. JABZ215 says:

    PS I know we gonna get the OG key chain with the SHAQ logo…. right Reebok?

  19. Reed Ballesteros says:

    So…when can I cop at Walmart with the rest of the Shaq line? =P

  20. Ryan Slawson says:

    These are for him to wear on his new TV show