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The Air Jordan XX8 may not be for everyone, but it has certainly grown in favor for many. New colorways are a possible catalyst for the popularity, as a variety of bold takes are previewed below. Check out the new AJ XX8 makeups and let us know your favorites in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 "Red Elephant"

Air Jordan XX8 “Red Elephant”

Air Jordan XX8 "Electric Green"

Air Jordan XX8 “Electric Green”

Air Jordan XX8 White/Red-Black

Air Jordan XX8 White/Red-Black

Air Jordan XX8 "Citrus"

Air Jordan XX8 “Citrus”

Air Jordan XX8 "Knicks"

Air Jordan XX8 “Knicks”

Air Jordan XX8 "Gold Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Gold Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Bamboo Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Bamboo Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Hardwood"

Air Jordan XX8 “Hardwood”

Air Jordan XX8 Black/Red

Air Jordan XX8 Black/Red

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amarakoryus 5pts

Have they changed anything?? Because i heard the front peels easily, the plastic not as tough like kobe's. 

27Ghostnotes 5pts

@ImSledgren those like the Jordan's from the fifth element

CamBeats 5pts

@ImSledgren Yup, those are the new colorways coming out later this year. Two colorways were released this past Saturday.

JoeLodovico 5pts

@ImSledgren definitely a copy of those cam newton cleats

Matt3Times 5pts

@ImSledgren he tripppen on shurm

Radaman23 5pts

@ImSledgren and the sad part is people would actually rock em just to say their wearin then newest J's

Taespitta 5pts

@ImSledgren Them Mf look like they was made with clay......

Dooberstein 5pts

@ImSledgren they had a commercial for them n they did not look like that

Austinsabb 5pts

@ImSledgren trying to copy under armor with their highlights

OGTruaveli 5pts

@ImSledgren they must be for woman bro

ZigZag_Iam 5pts

@ImSledgren TF' those socks !! Lmfao

RuthlessPatrick 5pts

@ImSledgren that shoe is an embarrassment to Jordan brand. Just me

Nevaoffbal_ance 5pts

@ImSledgren lmao you jux gotta know how to rock em dawg

Skuigels 5pts

@ImSledgren yep those look shitty

Luigi_Rozay 5pts

@ImSledgren peep this man Stalley rockin em lol

ZayMcFly90 5pts

@ImSledgren those shits are hideous

StickyPurps 5pts

@ImSledgren right...smh back to the drawing board on that one #yikes

Trippy_Keez 5pts

@ImSledgren they look a LITTLE better with the fold down

i8urC00kie 5pts

Breds.... Pure heat auto cop right there for me!!! Woah man. Most excited Ive ever been in while for Jordans. The 28 and 17 are the only Jordans I like after the 14. Which is the real Jordan era. I like all Jays 1-14(aka the real Jordan era). Only ones after that... 17 and 28. Some people might argue though about the 23 but I think they are wack.

DreamChaser 5pts

imo the og all black and green colorway is the best seems like only hypebeasts hate on these joints

jason_ess 5pts

...and unless they release huge numbers of some of the more "questionable" CWs, i doubt you'll be seeing many boxes of ANY XX8s at your local outlet mall. Tinker got this one right.

jason_ess 5pts

 @jrillera is 100% correct. this is the most comfortable HOOP shoe i have EVER put on, right out of the box... and for everyone upset at the price - like it or not, a quality product of ANY sort costs $$... doesn't matter if it's shoes... electronics... cars. i know our economy STINKS right now, so if you can't afford to drop two-fiddy + Uncle Sam's cut, at LEAST go try a pair on... and i PROMISE your hating will quiet down LOL.

jason_ess 5pts

i just made a comment yesterday about a Black/Infra CW being OUTTA HERE!! ...And lo and behold....



jrillera 5pts

Best shoe I've ever tried on out of the box. Amazing transition and incredibly light. Best performance Jordan ever imo.

r_genis 5pts

these are beautiful for ball kicks but for getting fly NAH *cheif keef voice*

Neezy 5pts

Breds, Cirtus, Knicks, Hardwoods, White/Breds...

Fidel Negro
Fidel Negro 5pts

@Cristian....check the performance reviews on the shoe homie. Is the shoe not that attractive? Yep.....but its still a shoe for balling...simple as that. If I feel like peeling off 250 for the shoe then I will...last I checked...I'm not on the court for a fashion show.

Imposter 5pts

They look like Kicks for Ninjas

Eric Israel
Eric Israel 5pts

im sorry but this whole XX8 experiment is a HUGE swing and a miss... First of all this is the Jordan XXIV (24), i dont see how you STOP making making numbered jordans for 5 years, and comeback as if nothing?? Is the Jordan 2009 now the "24"? i dont get it... I guess they realized the "yearly" jordan is hitting clearance/outlet racks consistently but you cant come back after 5 years and skip 4 models, then go and release this garbo thats going to hit clearance racks anyway!

Greg Davis
Greg Davis 5pts

They came out with these ugly ass shoes to see how many idiots are gonna buy them just because they are Jordan's....they are gonna be the #1 in Jordan sales...watch and see

smax3 5pts

@ThatDudeMaReeve I want those so bad and the black ones too are dope I was lookin at em yesterday.. Fold down into neon.. Sick

Cristian Paez
Cristian Paez 5pts

@ Hans Gruber- these are ugly as hell there are other kicks that look a lot, a lot better and have more function than these. Also you really think these are made for ballin'? They look more like rain boots to me and ugly ones at that and will probably cost $200, yea I'm good. Have fun playing ball in your rain boots.

D Will Not Lose
D Will Not Lose 5pts

These shits gotta be the worse Js ever. MJ prolly think he could literally put shit on a shoe and mofos would buy it for $200 a pop smdh