Air Jordan XX8 Upcoming Colorways Another Look

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The Air Jordan XX8 may not be for everyone, but it has certainly grown in favor for many. New colorways are a possible catalyst for the popularity, as a variety of bold takes are previewed below. Check out the new AJ XX8 makeups and let us know your favorites in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 "Red Elephant"

Air Jordan XX8 “Red Elephant”

Air Jordan XX8 "Electric Green"

Air Jordan XX8 “Electric Green”

Air Jordan XX8 White/Red-Black

Air Jordan XX8 White/Red-Black

Air Jordan XX8 "Citrus"

Air Jordan XX8 “Citrus”

Air Jordan XX8 "Knicks"

Air Jordan XX8 “Knicks”

Air Jordan XX8 "Gold Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Gold Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Bamboo Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Bamboo Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Hardwood"

Air Jordan XX8 “Hardwood”

Air Jordan XX8 Black/Red

Air Jordan XX8 Black/Red

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  1. pbmsam says:

    You gotta love what they’re trying to do with this shoe. I’m sure they’ll get something amazing with all of these colorways they’re releasing.

  2. Madd Max says:

    No idea why people like these. Looks like a sock with a sole glued onto it.

  3. Derek Nothinggoeshere says:

    This is disgusting

  4. Brett Street says:

    wont Re-release the infared 6′s..spend money on this… look like some crackhead design this shit

  5. Davey Boy Helem says:

    these comments are hilarious…. this shoe look a fisherman’s boot

  6. Andrew Barker says:

    Can’t wait to play in these. After those hardwood’s

  7. Cheed M. Harding says:

    just. awful.

  8. Miguel Medina says:

    This shits ugly !

  9. Christie Blunted Viewz says:

    Those are Fugly!! Jordans suck!

  10. JL96_GrindHard says:

    both black and red and blue camo ill cop

  11. DevinWilliams1 says:

    These shits gotta be the worse Js ever. MJ prolly think he could literally put shit on a shoe and mofos would buy it for $200 a pop smdh

    1. jason_ess says:

      @DevinWilliams1?go try a pair on… and then come back and respond to this.

  12. Kerron Alves Henry says:

    lmfao… MAN these are ugly

  13. Cristian Paez says:

    @ Hans Gruber- these are ugly as hell there are other kicks that look a lot, a lot better and have more function than these. Also you really think these are made for ballin’? They look more like rain boots to me and ugly ones at that and will probably cost $200, yea I’m good. Have fun playing ball in your rain boots.

  14. smax3 says:

    @ThatDudeMaReeve I want those so bad and the black ones too are dope I was lookin at em yesterday.. Fold down into neon.. Sick

  15. ThatDudeMaReeve says:

    @smax3 price tag is 250 tho…kind of a dull shoe if you ask me. I heard they are the most comfortable shoe ever though

    1. smax3 says:

      @ThatDudeMaReeve yeah not the coolest shoe but it looks comfy bro… I saw them in “kicks on court” look legit

  16. ForeignEntity says:

    These shits are heidious….

    1. Neezy says:

      @ForeignEntity ?You should learn how to spell “hideous” first.

      1. YellowingSucks says:

        @Neezy??@ForeignEntity ?Aaah! spell check homie

  17. James Morales says:

    So JB is making galoshes now?

  18. Greg Davis says:

    They came out with these ugly ass shoes to see how many idiots are gonna buy them just because they are Jordan’s….they are gonna be the #1 in Jordan sales…watch and see

  19. Eric Israel says:

    im sorry but this whole XX8 experiment is a HUGE swing and a miss… First of all this is the Jordan XXIV (24), i dont see how you STOP making making numbered jordans for 5 years, and comeback as if nothing?? Is the Jordan 2009 now the “24″? i dont get it… I guess they realized the “yearly” jordan is hitting clearance/outlet racks consistently but you cant come back after 5 years and skip 4 models, then go and release this garbo thats going to hit clearance racks anyway!

  20. Augie Zulaica says:

    Killer boots mannn!!!