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What’s the best part about a Scholler mesh shroud? Hoopers would argue lockdown, fashion forward thinkers would say a blank canvas. Luckily, you get both on new takes of the Air Jordan XX8. From classic elephant print to progressive camo colorways, check out the new looks below and give us your favorite in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 "Hardwood"

Air Jordan XX8 “Hardwood”

Air Jordan XX8 "Bamboo Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Bamboo Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Gold Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Gold Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Knicks"

Air Jordan XX8 “Knicks”

MarcAlbarez 5pts

I wish I could buy these shoes. I think there pretty dope. But I don't have time too stand in line forever to wait to see if I might get a pair. And I hate fools that buy them all up and try to resale the mofos for twice the price when they don't even step their fat ass the court. And me, a true baller wants to use the dam things for what they were meant for. Smh! Sorry just had to vent! But I'm tired of this BS!

pbmsam 5pts

The hardwood ones are dope.

blakfolks 5pts

The only ones I really like,which I really love, are the original colorway. Absolutely beautiful since I first layed eyes on them. Everyone hated on the Jordan 2012's design, and I predicted that once I rocked mine everyone would want a pair. I still wear mine and still get hella play on those shoes. Same thing with the Jordan XX8's guaranteed. Plus my swag is off the chain so people follow what I do anyway.

jason_ess 5pts

as an owner who can now make an informed recommendation: BUY THESE SHOES!!!


...and even if you hate them: GO TRY THESE ON!


... if you still hate the look after you've tried them on, at least you'll ONLY have that to b*tch about LOL

Quantmkicks 5pts

just really wish they did't cost so much I like the design and they're very comfortable but $250 is steep for me if I had a job i would of copped those stealth's :-( 

DoctorLoads 5pts

Gotta be a tranny to want to cop these. Only reason people grabbed them or "like" them is because Hatfield designed them. Frauds.

That Uncut Raw
That Uncut Raw 5pts

The "Elephant Print" colorway reminds me of the red "Air Bakin"s, which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing...

jason_ess 5pts

and if there's a black shroud / infra midsole / clear outsold a la the 6s it's a WRAP.

jason_ess 5pts

I see shrouds that are printed to look like retro uppers coming... IJS

That Uncut Raw
That Uncut Raw 5pts

People hate these shoes so much, they sold out in about 20 minutes yesterday. #CLOSETHATERS

clearancescaavenger 5pts

I liked these shoes from the start, so I couldn't say "these are growing on me" sh!t haters say when these first released

YellowingSucks 5pts

So they're not gonna release the ones Maya Moore was rockin?...

NeilMacDonaldUnderwood 5pts

Out of curiosity does anyone think that NIKEID may get these? I could go for a nice Black, Red and White colour way for my ball squad!

JABZ215 5pts

They also have a bred colorway like the Knicks above... growin on me a little...Doese anyone know if they sport TRUE carbon fiber not that "look like" BS they been hittin us with on the XIs?

roxamore13 5pts

they all hard. hopefully lame ass hypebeasts dont scoop them all before i get a chance to see these in person

Coup80 5pts

shroud down, these are really growing on me.

DJNateGrey 5pts

they look good. The Hardwood's look like some year 3030 boots.

Neezy 5pts

Love the Hardwood & Knicks pairs the most. The Elephant print ones aren't so bad either.