Air Jordan XX8 New Colorways

What’s the best part about a Scholler mesh shroud? Hoopers would argue lockdown, fashion forward thinkers would say a blank canvas. Luckily, you get both on new takes of the Air Jordan XX8. From classic elephant print to progressive camo colorways, check out the new looks below and give us your favorite in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 "Hardwood"

Air Jordan XX8 “Hardwood”

Air Jordan XX8 "Bamboo Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Bamboo Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Gold Camo"

Air Jordan XX8 “Gold Camo”

Air Jordan XX8 "Knicks"

Air Jordan XX8 “Knicks”


  1. filthymouth116 says:

    Is this an early april fools joke?

    1. Neezy says:

      @filthymouth116?They aren’t even that bad. Some of the designs seem a bit busy, but you cannot front on the ele[hant, Knicks, hardwood ot gold camo pairs. THIS is what people said was needed (a design) and now you’ve already started complaining about it. LOL

      1. Neezy says:


      2. Neezy says:

        @filthymouth116?elephant* / or*

  2. Neezy says:

    Love the Hardwood & Knicks pairs the most. The Elephant print ones aren’t so bad either.

  3. DJNateGrey says:

    they look good. The Hardwood’s look like some year 3030 boots.

  4. Coup80 says:

    shroud down, these are really growing on me.

  5. sneakerboxClyde says:

    @Dthepresident heard about them.

  6. roxamore13 says:

    they all hard. hopefully lame ass hypebeasts dont scoop them all before i get a chance to see these in person

  7. JABZ215 says:

    They also have a bred colorway like the Knicks above… growin on me a little…Doese anyone know if they sport TRUE carbon fiber not that “look like” BS they been hittin us with on the XIs?

  8. cacomfort says:

    @JABZ215?picked up a pair yesterday and it is?definitely?real carbon fiber. The materials used are really nice, but the craftsmanship on the pair I got is another story. I still planning on getting many more pair though.

  9. allante the new one says:

    shroud down fo.sho…?
    happy 50th to mj.. gotta be the shoes…?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3M32ZPlOmwQ.

  10. NeilMacDonaldUnderwood says:

    Out of curiosity does anyone think that NIKEID may get these? I could go for a nice Black, Red and White colour way for my ball squad!

    1. GuilleAguirre42 says:

      @NeilMacDonaldUnderwood?i dont think so they price would be too high, but it would be cool though

      1. NeilMacDonaldUnderwood says:

        @GuilleAguirre42?I was thinking the same thing, the ID option would put the shoe at well over 300 hundred easy! I just have a bad feeling that JB is going to release weird colours (colours irrelevant to my team colours) or release sick colour ways that hype beasts will go crazy for! I honestly don’t want to pay those reseller prices of $400+!

      2. Neezy says:

        @GuilleAguirre42??@NeilMacDonaldUnderwood?I mean, it’s still very possible though. It can’t be much more higher than LeBron’s $310 with Nike+ tech. I don’t think they’d be over $300 honestly.

  11. YellowingSucks says:

    So they’re not gonna release the ones Maya Moore was rockin?…

    1. Neezy says:

      @YellowingSucks?Probably not. Might’ve been a PE. But you never know though.

      1. YellowingSucks says:

        @NeezyProbably the only ones i’d try and get, too.

        1. Neezy says:

          @YellowingSucks?And just as we spoke on these, it is confirmed to be a upcoming release!

  12. clearancescaavenger says:

    I liked these shoes from the start, so I couldn’t say “these are growing on me” sh!t haters say when these first released

  13. People hate these shoes so much, they sold out in about 20 minutes yesterday. #CLOSETHATERS

    1. jason_ess says:

      @Thugz Cry Too?i’m thinking they went back to limited numbers… seems to happen every time they make something that Tinker considers “special”… i.e. the 11s and 23s

      1. @jason_ess?Honestly, my original comment was a little misleading. I’m pretty sure that was their “ASG” colorway, which was probably very limited. They did good though by making the first release of the XX8 a limited release, because most cats will just see the tweet saying “the Jordan XX8 has sold out”, which will hype ‘em even more, due to the “it must be dope if it sold out!” mentality… I actually don’t think the shoes are terrible, but I don’t play ball at all anymore, which is the only time I would wear a shoe as slim and tight as that shoe, which is pretty much the case with all post-2000 b-ball shoes.

        1. jason_ess says:

          @Thugz Cry Too?i dunno dude – try to find the regular Black/Green CW online and available in your sz. for sale at MSRP. It’s not as easy as you might think. I haven’t hit the mall yet, to see if they’re really like GONE gone, but I will in a few.
          But remember last year? I think the YOTDs were basically the only CW that sold out somewhat quickly. Every other CW drop pretty much ended up on sale reduced.
          And I have wide feet, so I’m hoping that the shroud just makes them LOOK slim. Have you tried them on already? Or did you cop?

        2. jason_ess says:

          @Thugz Cry Too?and please excuse my ADD ass. you kinda just told me you haven’t bought them. my bad LOL

        3. @jason_ess?lol no problem, it happens to the best of us.

        4. jason_ess says:

          @Thugz Cry Too?copped! added to the collection of boots pic.twitter.com/M05Wp6lX ?LOL…?
          and don’t get it twisted, this shoe is NEXT LEVEL comfy. the forefoot cushioning is OUTTA HERE bro!

  14. jason_ess says:

    @Thugz Cry Too?and that ends up fueling the demand… because people kinda think they MIGHT want them… and then can’t get them… and then they want them MORE. pretty genius actually.

  15. jason_ess says:

    I see shrouds that are printed to look like retro uppers coming… IJS

  16. jason_ess says:

    and if there’s a black shroud / infra midsole / clear outsold a la the 6s it’s a WRAP.

  17. jason_ess says:


  18. The “Elephant Print” colorway reminds me of the red “Air Bakin”s, which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing…

  19. DoctorLoads says:

    Gotta be a tranny to want to cop these. Only reason people grabbed them or “like” them is because Hatfield designed them. Frauds.

    1. SamSundra says:

      @DoctorLoads?i disagree also, people like them just because they like them

    2. Neezy says:

      @DoctorLoads?What does Tinker have to do with it? Half the people that buy Jordans don’t even know or care about who the designers are. What a poor reason for trying to get at people who genuinely like the shoe. Why can’t it just be that?

  20. jason_ess says:

    @DoctorLoads?i’m gonna disagree. I’m the biggest Tinker groupie there is… and although Tinker had a huge hand in last year’s model as well – I thought they were gimmicky and sort of irrelevant. That said: these are definitely not for everyone, but as pieces of design, I think these deserve a lot of respect.