Nike Air Foamposite One Royal/Grey

Moments ago, Penny Hardaway revealed a few pics of a never-before-seen Foamposite One colorway via his Instagram. Featuring a royal blue Foamposite shell, you can’t help but to think about the “Dark Neon Royal” Foams, however, this particular pair dons a grey midfoot area, in addition to a grey tongue. Another intriguing attribute is the royal stripes on both the tongue and heel tabs. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more info on these.

Nike Air Foamposite One Royal/Grey

Nike Air Foamposite One Royal/Grey

Nike Air Foamposite One Royal/Grey

Nike Air Foamposite One Royal/Grey


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        • @Born2fly??@Rockaway Bully??@mineisbiggerthanyours but true if we were in the old times we would be rome or greece every thing runs through us

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    • @Ezbe13?Stop wearing them often and know how to take care of your kicks.. its not hard. Dont wear them in rain,snow, dirt or grass stuff like that. And keep them in the box, simple. Also you dont have to buy the sneakers, I dont understand the complaints. “Slow down with the clear soles” really?

      • @Born2fly dude I buy kicks to wear not to keep in a fking box .. Like I said slow down witht the clear soles ,, take it back wear the soles were black …

      • @Born2fly??@Ezbe13″?Dont wear them in rain,snow, dirt or grass stuff like that” Also dont wear em on concrete or anywhere with oxygen…Ya know what just dont even put your foot in em just buy the shoes and walk around with em in the box and flash em to people so they know you have em.Damn idiot. You can keep your shoes in the box and never wear em and theyre still going to yellow.

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