Live Look: Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88

Today’s Live Look provides a close-up view of the Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88. The return of the Nike Air logo and unorthodox, mid-week release date are both significant details for this sneaker. Is this Retro ’88 release a sign of things to come?


  1. Stuyvesant says:

    …… Semen

  2. DollapSynClthng says:

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  3. Coup80 says:

    My first pair of 3′s so I cant compare to OG’ sand previous retro versions. However, they are extremely comfortable and feel very high quality. As far as going forward, id love to see them continue doing this. I cant say im happy about the premium price but if I wanted to get one of the previous retro 3′s id be paying at least 200, so Im not complaining too much.

  4. RDogg23 says:

    It’s supposed to say NIKE on the bottom of the Shoe! 1988…NOT!!! Epic FAIL!!!

  5. Jonathan Broder says:

    wud love the black cement..want the whites if possible. with mj’s bday coming up i think nike/jb guys in the all star game should at least rock some jays for a half!!1 only fitting for the event!

    1. jamglider says:

      @Jonathan Broder?Guys should do it for the dunk contest

  6. Ktcastro217 says:

    Hell ya i would love for them to come out with the black ones because i miss out on the white one’s I wish i could of got the whites 3′s win some loss some but that would have been a nice b-day gift because my birthday is Feb 17 the same day as Jordan but it is all good if they come out with the black 3′s it is mos deff ?a cop hands downs!!!!

  7. LosGotSole says:

    mines should be in today .. cant wait to check em out

  8. djtangaray says:

    Please make black general release so i can buy 3 pair of my favorite shoe!

  9. gotjordans says:

    Ha! He didn’t show the bottom of the shoe, it says “jordan” on it. ?LOL :D

  10. Lusinmader says:

    J’s are much easier to obtain in Europe. ?I can’t wait for the Euro release in March. ?My cousins are gonna head to the Footlockers and Nike Stores in London and Berlin to scoop me up 1,2, or 3 pairs. ?I’m a bit hesitant to grab that many b/c a manager at?Finish line?said a US in store retail release was scheduled for March. ?I hope he’s wrong or NIKE changes that idea. ?It’d be dangerous to release any Jordan 3-6 with Nike branding in stores.

  11. Igby says:

    Stayed Gold and copped a pair of these. I hope they do come out with the Black Cement 3′s with OG Nike logo on the back. It would be a automatic must have