NBA All-Star Diaries (1980s): George Gervin Explains Evolution of Nike Blazer & Current Sneaker Rotation

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The Iceman is Nike Basketball’s trailblazer in a pair of Blazers.

Long before the Nike Blazer was seen in the streets donning flower print uppers, perforated Nike Swooshes and/or velcro straps, it was first spotted on the ABA courts by way of Hall of Famer?George Gervin’s feet. 40 years ago, Nike presented Gervin with the Nike Blazer, a shoe that is considered the alpha of Nike Basketball’s amazing, ongoing legacy.

As the 1980s installment of our All-Star Diaries series, George Gervin discusses the evolution of the Nike Blazer, having one of the first, true player exclusives and a look inside his sneaker rotation.

Nike Blazer

George Gervin's Sneaker Rotation

George Gervin: “I still wear the Blazer from time to time. It will always be in my rotation because I’m greatly associated with that shoe. I love it. It’s kind of hard to wear me though. I’m not that vain.”

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8 Comments on "NBA All-Star Diaries (1980s): George Gervin Explains Evolution of Nike Blazer & Current Sneaker Rotation"

  1. reckless1216

    Cool to see such a legendary basketball player such as George showing his personal style off of the court. I wonder if the Nike Blazer was really his sig shoe?

  2. cdb23

    Great interview i live in sa and saw him in the aba and nba i see him around town and he is always cool i wore those blazers in my cyo days

  3. Jonathan Broder

    never knew i had such in common with the iceman..i love the xi both playoffs and concords. throw in the space jams! i love the xiv..probably my fav shoe to be honest. as per working out i do the nike zoom elite and now the lunarglide 4+ both great for me for running and training and i do a ton of both!

  4. RDogg23

    Very Nice! Nicks Kicks doing it again and the talents of George Kiel III bringing the Alamo City flavor to the rest of the land! The 210 is where it’s at! From George “The Iceman” Gervin to David “The Admiral” Robinson and now “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan. NYC don’t have the Championships like we do down here!

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