Vans LXVI “Camo” Pack

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Vans LXVI "Camo"

For those unfamiliar with the Vans LXVI collection, LXVI is the ?Off the Wall? brand?s action sports line of sneakers. The new Vans LXVI ?Camo? Pack,?pictured below, definitely puts the collection in conversation with the latest camo-inspired output from Vans. Available in five models, the pack is painted with a dark army green base with minor camouflage accents found on each sneaker. You can look for this pack to release at select retailers in April.

Vans LXVI Inscribe "Camo"

Vans LXVI Numeral “Camo”

Vans LXVI Secant "Camo"

Vans LXVI Secant “Camo”

Vans LXVI Inscribe "Camo"

Vans LXVI Inscribe “Camo”

Vans LXVI "Camo" Pack

Vans LXVI “Camo” Pack

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