Nike Kobe 8 “Extraterrestrial” Release Information

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With the All-Star game approaching in a little more than a week, Nike Basketball is shooting for the stars. While we now know that the LeBron X “Extraterrestrial” and KD V “Extraterrestrial” will only cost $5 more than their other colorway counterparts, the Nike Kobe 8 ?Extraterrestrial? will come with a notably higher price tag. Nike has revealed that the Kobe 8 ?Extraterrestrial? will be Nike+ enabled and come in two varieties. One “Extraterrestrial” System without the sport pack will cost $195, while the pair featuring an accompanying sport pack will cost $280. Now that we know more about the upcoming release, do you still plan on copping the ?Extraterrestrial? Kobe 8?

Nike Kobe 8 System
February 15, 2013
$195(w/o Sport Pack)/$280(/w Sport Pack)

Source: Nike

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41 Comments on "Nike Kobe 8 “Extraterrestrial” Release Information"

  1. jason_ess

    @kennethT_??@GyanShieldsdad?i wear my Space Jams and FP1s on rainy concrete (when it actually rains in L.A.)… i wouldn’t go off-road tho.

    • YellowingSucks

      @GyanShieldsdad??@jason_ess??@kennethT_not true at all. What about that rubber type mesh around the 5’s? Water could easily find its way in.

    • GyanShieldsdad

      @YellowingSucks??@jason_ess??@kennethT_?Great point bro, But I don’t wear 5’s. but right now I can name you 10 jordans that can be worn in the snow with out your feet getting super cold or your socks getting wet in the case of rain. I couldn’t name you one kobe out this year that could match that.

    • YellowingSucks

      @GyanShieldsdad??@jason_ess??@kennethT_yea they kinda screwed up on these kobe and i like his shoes. Bout to get?them cheetahs 7’s in a bit. But yea dont act like J’s?snow shoes either bruh

    • GyanShieldsdad

      @YellowingSucks??@jason_ess??@kennethT_?THey can be rocked in the snow. I would really rock mines in the snow but if I got caught in the rain my socks wouldn’t be ruined. I have some kobe 8s im just being realistic. kobes cost too much to limit you stricting to indoor basketball. I wont buy another pair…but they eel awesome.

  2. kutsum

    What a price jump. These aren’t even premium materials and they want $195 for a shoe thats normally $140? C’mon man.

  3. GyanShieldsdad

    @jason_ess??@kennethT_?Funny you should ask, you can wear all jordans( i wouldn’t wear suede in the rain) in the rain and ?you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.

  4. Bossk

    Nice shoe, but for $195?? Easy pass.? Almost every shoe in the All Star Pack is near $200 retail.? Why? Because Nike knows they can get away with it and they’ll sell out anyway.

  5. Michael Kim

    ooooo. nice. like the creamsicles all over again but with a cool fresh twist. i’m not coppin’ buuuut i can dig it.

  6. Bossk

    @GyanShieldsdad??@Bossk Yea..after the debacle I went through last year in trying to get the Kobe 7 Galaxy (dudes were actually trying to sell shoes to those waiting in line), I’ll sit this one out.

  7. lcc1227

    I’m a huge fan of the 8’s but the 195 price tag hurts a lot. Someone else can have them. i’m passing :/

  8. RDogg23

    How quickly a year passes by, last year the “Galaxy” collection released. The LeBron 9’s were the best!

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