#XX8DaysOfFlight: Bring Back the Air Jordan 14 “Oxidized Green”

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Air Jordan 14 "Oxidized Green"

Breathe easy. After fourteen years of existence and already two retro runs, there?s certainly no rush for another Air Jordan 14 release. With that said, we can?t wait for the ?Oxidized Green??to come back. More mature in makeup and more creative in colorway, the ?Oxy Green? exemplifies the smooth styling of the AJ14 in a magnificent manner. Even in an atmosphere abundant with retros, these still flow like fresh Air. Hey JB, bring ?em back!

Kicks: Air Jordan 14 “Oxidized Green”
Released: 1999

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11 Comments on "#XX8DaysOfFlight: Bring Back the Air Jordan 14 “Oxidized Green”"

  1. greghall024

    damn could’ve got a pair of these on ebay today in ok condition. auction ended at $47 and they weren’t even beat like most of the og 14’s on there. why ya gotta post this and make me feel worse about it loool
    i sooo should’ve just bid -____-

  2. Jonathan Broder

    yes, this shoe really needs to retro either above like the og sample or the og with the black midsole. either way this shoe needs a drop! i thought it was supposed to drop last year! not cool! jb drop the oxy asap!! i would love this to drop this year! Hand down…Man down!

  3. KellenTaylor

    first pair of Jordans I ever bought, walked in the rain to the mall in 1999 and spent like 75% of my Golden Corral pay check to stunt at school the next day. Makes me feel old … but I would buy these if they released them again, especially if they are the exact same as the OG

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