The Oregon Men’s Basketball Team Visits the Nike Campus

We have seen the multiple PEs that University of Oregon athletes are privileged to get a hold of, and most sneaker fans are aware that Phil Knight, Nike Co-Founder, is a Duck alum. Those two worlds met as the Ducks Men’s Basketball team took a once in a lifetime tour of the Nike Campus, and enjoyed the vaunted Michael Jordan building, played in the Bo Jackson gym, and got a lesson on how it all started. Check out the video of their day below.


  1. Dominic Marquez says:

    i thought univ of oregon WAS nikes campus

  2. Anthony Michael LiPetri says:

    great, can’t wait for the PE’s that come out that I gotta spend $3500 for smh.

  3. i8urC00kie says:

    I know whats on my bucket list now…

  4. i8urC00kie says:

    I know whats on my bucket list now…

  5. UGH says:

    Funny because Oregon is about to get hit with massive sanctions for its relationship with Nike

    1. luisvictor79 says:

      @UGH How so? elaborate please…

      1. UGH says:

        @luisvictor79 You must not follow college sports news. Oregon is currently being investigated by the NCAA… go look up a news article about it

        1. 929 says:

          @UGH??@luisvictor79 you must be an idiot, because the sanctions have nothing to do with nike, but with recruiting violations.

        2. B_Pickert says:

          @929??@UGH??@luisvictor79?They’re relationship with Nike has some connections to the recruiting violations because “impermissible gifts” given to the athletes. But that’s only the smaller portion of it, Chip Kelly left because U of O is about to get hit hard by the NCAA because Mack Brown and Texas snitched on them.