Everything You Need to Know: Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red

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The Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red is releasing for the fourth time tomorrow, but how?d we get here? From the colorway?s launch history to its pop culture importance, get the details on this OG AJ in Everything You Need to Know.

Release History


OG Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red

image via Sneaker Files

The White/Black-Fire Red colorway of the Air Jordan 5 first released in February of 1990. Sporting a 3M tongue, Chicago colors, and glass outsole, this makeup would lead off the series and set a tone for the following 5s.


Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red 2000

image via Sneaker Files

Much like the original series, the White/Black-Fire Red colorway was the first release of the retro Air Jordan 5s in 2000. This shoe kicked off the year by launching on January 5th, and was later followed by Black/Silver, ?Laney,? and White/Silver installments. The shoes sported Nike Air tagging on the heel as well as Nike branded lace locks.


Air Jordan 5/18 CDP

The Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red released for a third time in 2009 as part of the Countdown Pack series. Packaged with a Black/Red rendition of the Air Jordan 18, this AJ5 featured an embroidered #23 beneath the ankle as a nod to his exclusives and to differentiate between previous pairs.

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  1. gotjordans says:

    Hmm, I’ve always like these. ?I still have 2000 versions and got them for $135.00 at the time. ?Now, these are selling for $160.00, damn!

    1. greghall024 says:

      @gotjordans?yeah man, inflation is a mother

  2. dalford1985 says:

    Won my raffle contest. Picking these up first thing tomorrow when the mall opens.

    1. President Ward says:

      @dalford1985 they doin’ raffle tickets on every jordan shoes that come out this year?

  3. dynasty714 says:

    @gotjordans in todays money your shoes in 2000 at 135 would be 180 dollars today adjusted for inflation, the shoes are actually cheaper today than they were in 2000

  4. OliverTorreonA says:

    wait… so MJ’s 1990 pair was the only one with the #23 embroidered on them and not everyone else’s till 2009? Someone please clarify this for me.

    1. DaveO says:

      @OliverTorreonA?correct the first V with the 23 on the side was the fire red V with a black tongue.. The white and fire red that dropped today?and?the black/silver V dropped in february of 1990 the grape and black tongue fire red dropped in september of 1990. The laney and the white/metallic retro+ that released in 2000 were the beginning of retro V having the 23 on the side.

      1. dalford1985 says:

        @DaveO @OliverTorreonA and this why I laughed at those that were complaining about the 23 on the side so they decided to pass. What’s even funnier is that now they’re complaining that they missed out.

  5. Retro_87 says:

    CDP version dropped in 2008 NK

  6. matthewscottd says:

    I have two pairs in size 10 for sale.? Let me know if anyone wants a pair.? E-mail: matt55lad@yahoo.com

  7. dorianmoreno72 says:

    Got an extra pair of 9.5 for sale if anybody wants email jbdeebeez@yahoo.com

  8. dalford1985 says:

    Went and picked up my pair this morning from Champs.

  9. jaydothov says:

    “INFLATION” LMFAO its called rediculousness, yall know what jordan/nike pay to have a pair made…..makes me sick…..smh

    1. MartinD44 says:

      I’m sorry. I never do this, but its actually called ridiculousness*

      1. jaydothov says:


  10. RDogg23 says:

    I had that 2008 CDP pair, I sold ‘em cause these were coming out. 2013 version is more true to original.

  11. JunjieYang says:

    I had the 09 package but lost the 18 which is one of my favorite.