Air Jordan 3 ’88 OG Release Date Update

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Air Jordan 3 '88 OG Release Date

Celebrating 25 years of excellence on the foot, on the hardwood, and in the air, the Air Jordan 3 will return in the original White/Cement colorway with Nike Air heel branding. This sneaker originally saw launch in February of 1988, when Michael Jordan took home the Slam Dunk Championship in the city of Chicago. Look for this special edition makeup to release on February 6th at Nike Store.

*UPDATE*?The release date is now February 6th as opposed to the originally posted February 2nd (via??Complex)

Air Jordan 3 ’88 OG
February 6, 2013

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131 Comments on "Air Jordan 3 ’88 OG Release Date Update"

  1. Neezy

    Damn. I’m gonna have to cop at a resell price, IF at all. That release date definitely interferes with other priorities. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

  2. Neezy

    Damn. I’m gonna have to cop at a resell price, IF at all. That release date definitely interferes with other important, and rather costly priorities. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

  3. Andre Alvarado

    to guarantee u even get a pair u would hgave to cut off the UPS man before he even reaches the back of the store then stick his ass up for the Shipment .. thats the only way to get these NOWADAYS .. cuase even getting in line is a wate of energy n time not gonan guarantee u a size run

  4. Gregory Braun

    I don’t see why dudes are complaining for most dudes spend damn near $250-$300 on kicks almost everyweek all JB is doing tryna keep up with da market & if guys stop droppin way over retail for kicks $200 wouldn’t be da standard price for retro sneakers.

  5. Armando Gomez

    Shut the hell up either buy it or don’t nike n Jordan’s knows if u don’t buy it someone else will either u have money or not , they been playing y’all for years with shoe after shoe with no quality materials so deal wit it or boycott it simple As that cuzz ur post or my post is not going to influences a buyer suckers

  6. Ismael Guzman

    we pay $220 for foams ,$230 or so for brons, $220+ for ugg boots …INFLATION PEOPLE… PRICES WILL ONLY GET HIGHER

  7. Andre Alvarado

    so All U Little Kids Getting All Excited Over A Sneaker that’s Been Around Since before u were Born ….You All Stupid As hell

  8. Robert Masushige

    The game is corrupted. Politics and the hype resellers killed the game. … It’s all the suckas that still sleep in the same car bed that they were in when they were 5 still living with mommy and daddy….. But if I could get my hands on then I would, but not gonna kill myself trying to get’em…

  9. On the fence on this, I didn’t get this colorway in ’11, but the quality on my black/cements is just abhorrent. I hope people get early releases, and can comment on quality of the shoe overall. I’ll be in for a pair if the quality is decent, if the materials are like my ’11s and the midsole cracks the first time I wear ‘em, count me out.

  10. Nikk Jones

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    • Neezy

      @OneNOnlyJB?Wed. releases, of ANY sneaker brand, aren’t uncommon, bro. The Polarized Pink Foams released when? Nov. 21, 2012, which was Wednesday. Jordan’s used to release “in the middle of the damn week.”

      • DanniBsneakerfreak

        @Neezy??@OneNOnlyJB?they need to keep doing it that way makes it harder for ppl to camp out and do stupid shit and long ass lines and kids will be off to school lol I’m not saying they shouldn’t get them im just sayin it makes it easier for me!!

  11. kutsum

    Ehh. I’ll pass. Not that these aren’t a good look, but for my $200, i’ll get the fire reds coming out later this year and put the extra towards my kids shoes. Nice idea Nike, but i wont be one of the ppl paying $40 for a heel tab and unknown quality.

  12. ClifCs6

    Wow I thought these were releasing way later on in the year. They need give people some space, they got shoes releasing every month

  13. JonnyBballakajstarks

    200 dollars ? this is getting out of hand. kutsum i feel you 40.00 for heel tab id rather pay more for og pair better quality.

    • Ezbe13

      @JonnyBballakajstarks I’m with you on that $200 is getting out of hand for some retro 3’s smh … I’ll be passing on these not worth no $200 bucks !!!

  14. Nat William

    true heads dont worry about inflation…. and true jordan fans ignore shoe prices….. if ur complaining….. dont buy,m …. jus sayn…

  15. D J Prince Oreo

    make some new shit im tired of buying these shoes i bought them years when they first came out yall getting generation money off the same damn shoes switch it up and try to fool us at least dont take us for a fool

  16. snkrsfx

    Nike’s going to put some soft, buttery leather on there and all you haters are going to wish like hell you all copped!!

  17. MartinD44

    If they aren’t completely off on the date all together then I would bet the “original date” they had listed was correct since that was a Saturday

  18. OVO_Slim

    Why would jordan increase the price and decrease the amount of product? what type of marketing strategy is that?

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