Li-Ning Way of Wade “Oreo”

Dwyane Wade has debuted a limitless amount of Li-Ning Way of Wade colorways this season, including a recently-worn “Caution” pair. One that we haven’t spotted him in yet is this “Oreo” version of the Way of Wade. This particular pair features a primarily white-colored base with the black/white, Oreo-like, speckled midsole. To coincide with the latter section, the entire midfoot, tongue, and inner lining are also detailed with the Oreo attribute.

This pair is similar to the Black/White Way of Wade that “Flash” wore in late November. Stay tuned to our Kicks On Court column to see if Wade rocks the “Oreo” Li-Ning Way of Wade soon.

Li-Ning Way of Wade "Oreo"

Li-Ning Way of Wade “Oreo”

Li-Ning Way of Wade "Oreo"

Li-Ning Way of Wade “Oreo”

Photo credit to Bob Metelus


  1. Defender0fAloha says:

    Ugly ass shoes smh

  2. gt2wrk says:

    can these shoes just release already!!

  3. soleking1 says:

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  4. thecollector says:

    i like these

  5. SalahMalik says:

    not that bad honestly

  6. SalahMalik says:

    they look like the jordan 3s from the side

  7. TXbeanz says:

    I just want the cautions. Where or when are they retailing his shoe? (Don’t say li-Ning already checked)

  8. acdc2 says:

    Totally Whack! the W in the front says it all.

  9. jordanvballer24 says:

    they need to release the way of wades,

  10. MrJoker713 says:

    Stole the Oreo 6

  11. Rockaway Bully says:

    I think it is nice that another company is trying to be in the shoe but get ur own names stop stealing shit lmao

  12. TimothySou says:

    these just get better and better with each new colorway. i honestly cannot wait till these are available!!

  13. gsu4life07 says:

    is it me or are they just using alot of air jordan colorways. i mean u left jordan to do your own thing, make up some new colorways instead of using used nike colorways.

  14. hot5rod says:

    All the ppl saying bad thing about this shoe, are just stuck on the Swoosh, Wade has mention a thousand times that the 3′s were his favorite shoe and the shoe was taken form that but technology is fair better and the W on the front is wonderfull

  15. vinzz clortho says:

    continuing to give a “fxck you” to Jordan Brand with the blatant use of popular jordan colorways. lack of taste, just like the guy wearing these things

  16. banned1 says:

    These shoes are getting a lot of hate, but they are not too bad lookin. But they need to make their own color ways.

    1. deonndg says:

      @banned1? i agree… they doing a lot of jordan colorways

  17. rant and whine says:

    this is original! i like! NOTTTTTTTTTTT! – borat

  18. jrlemons3 says:

    The shoe looks good and the materials and quality are clearly better than what he was getting from JB. ?The only reason that cats are hating is because it doesn’t have a swoosh or a jumpman plastered on the side of it. ?Although, the oreo theme isn’t new to sneakers it’s still a good look on this shoe.

  19. soleking1 says:


  20. misso says:

    Ppl hatin but i personally cant wait for them to drop