FILA Stackhouse Returns

This year is shaping up to be a great one for underrated retro sneakers. One of those looked-over sneakers is the FILA Stackhouse Mid. Originally released in 1995, the Stackhouse was the first signature shoe for Jerry Stackhouse. The shoe briefly made a return in 2007 as the FILA Spaghetti, but will return this year donning Brooklyn Nets black/white color schemes. The ?Away? colorway is made of black suede, and features white accents and midsole, and a black outsole. The ?Home? colorway foregrounds white leather with a black mudguard atop the same midsole/outsole combination. The Fila Stackhouse will hit shelves on March 15. Will you be adding these to your collection?

Fila Stackhouse Mid
March 15, 2013

Fila Stack Mid Retro

Fila Stackhouse Retro

Fila Stack Mid Retro

Fila Stackhouse Retro

Fila Stack Mid Retro "Brooklyn Home"

Fila Stackhouse “Brooklyn Nets Home”

Fila Stack Mid Retro "Brooklyn Nets Away"

Fila Stackhouse “Brooklyn Nets Away”


  1. SpacelySprocket757 says:

    LMAO YOOO i knew it..wanted these back in the day but never got em..damn was in 4th grade when these dropped

  2. treesty says:

    would be waaay more excited for either of the first two Grant Hill’s.

  3. fatherbeck says:

    nice what about the grant hill 96

  4. fatherbeck says:

    fila please bring back the grant hill 96 please

  5. pUp says:

    Serious question, are any f ucks given about a Fila release unless its the Grant Hill’s being retroed?

    1. jaemesheicck says:


  6. Time2ballup says:

    These 2 aint that big, but I’ll be on the lookout for the Camo. That’s a dope shoe.

  7. fatherbeck says:

    bring back the grant 96 please

  8. fatherbeck says:

    bring back the grant hill fila 96

  9. Swarcus410 says:

    There Jerry Stackhouse ‘s

  10. Swarcus410 says:

    There Jerry Stackhouse ‘s step ur sneaker history up

  11. SpacelySprocket757 says:

    YO the Grant Hills dropped few years back where you all been??? Yes the 96′s..they were $90

  12. fatherbeck says:

    yes cuz there were the best fila ever? they need 2 bring them back again

  13. OldMcBaller33 says:

    Everyone jonezes for the old skool GHills but I had the ’96 Stacks and they were AWESOME ballin’ shoes. Extremely comfortable, light as hell, great shoes!