Maryland Terrapins to Debut Under Armour “Maryland Pride” Uniforms and PEs

Maryland Terrapins to Debut Under Armour Maryland Pride Uniforms and PEs

The state and school strongly associated with Under Armour shine on the ?Maryland Pride? collection. Celebrating the hardwood history of the Terps, flag-inspired ArmourLight uniforms match player exclusive makeups of the Charge BB, Bionic Spine, and mid and low versions of the Micro G Torch. Look for the team to debut the kicks and jerseys on court tonight.

Under Armour Spine Bionic "Maryland Pride" PEs

Under Armour Spine Bionic “Maryland Pride” PEs

Under Armour Micro G Torch "Maryland Pride" PEs

Under Armour Micro G Torch “Maryland Pride” PEs

Under Armour Micro G Torch Low "Maryland Pride" PEs

Under Armour Micro G Torch Low “Maryland Pride” PEs

Under Armour "Maryland Pride" Collection

Under Armour “Maryland Pride” Collection

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love the low top under armour micro g torch ones and the micro BB charge. Maryland has STAYED TRUE to the MD flag and made each custom under armour shoe TOUGH yet again. dont know why there is so much hate around it.


the terps unis used to be just fine when they were with nike...but being that UA's founder is a UMd alum, makes sense why they're signed to UA...


Maryland flag, of course. What else were we to expect?


 @sneakgeek_02 I think the "hate" (correct term is "dislike") stems from the fact it's repetitive and they don't really push the limit, design wise. Being a Duke fan, it would be like the equivalent of always putting the Blue Devil all over the uni's, as if no one knows what the mascot is... or the Tarheels having the NC flag plastered all over theirs. lol