Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date

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Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Release Date

The Air Jordan 11 Low is set to return in patent leather form once again. Sporting a black mesh upper and white mudguard above a red sole, this “Bred” inspired colorway was spotted on Michael Jordan in the pages of Celebrity Sneaker Stalker last year. Look for these to launch at select JB accounts on June 8th, 2013.

Air Jordan 11 Low
White/Black-True Red
June 8, 2013

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red

Source: Modern Notoriety/Sole Collector

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64 Comments on "Air Jordan 11 Low White/Black-Red Release Date"

        • dguy94

          @Neezy?u just called him a problem for having an opinion u sound like an idiot the guy likes the shoe no need to make him change his opinion cuz others dnt like it let the guy be

        • MartinD44

          ?Don’t worry. neezy is just a?cranky A$$hole who patrols these articles looking for someone to slip up, and show what he considers to be?hype-beastliness. He then rips into them and the improper grammar they used in their comment. He is the greatest sneaker connoisseur there ever was, AND HE IS GRAMATICALLY CORRECT! That’s important you know.

        • Neezy

          @dguy94?Where in the fcuk do/did you get the idea my comment was with the?intentions?of changing his opinion? I must’ve missed the memo. Yet I’M the one you say sounds like an “idiot?” Oh the irony! Hop off kid, my wife wants my ?d!ck back!

  1. TXbeanz

    Not bad but they should have just made a playoff, space jam, or concord color way. Then they would have gotten people’s attention.

      • TXbeanz

        @Neezy yeah, there are a gang load of shoes and color ways that are worse than this. That are not on list but they are something to consider to pick up for g.p.

        • Neezy

          @TXbeanz? Wouldn’t dare waste the dough on these, “just because.” That’s why Jordan Brand continues to release crap like this. They know people will by anything with a Jumpman on it, and they do this with the more popular numbers, because it’s much easier to do so, as well. Divide that cost w/tax and you can probably cop TWO, lesser hyped up sneakers for that price.

  2. thatonealexkid

    Yeah. Idk what I’m looking at… what I just dropped off in the toliet or what I was puking up last friday… maybe a combination of both.

  3. KingLee93

    All they did was put black on certain parts on the lows that came out in 2012 this gets a double woomp and a thumbs down come on JB are yall just testing the waters to see how many hypebeast gone buy anything you bring to the table why?

    • Neezy

      @Big Montana?Same people calling them “fire” now, wouldn’t have given these ANY love 10 years ago. They’ll sell out now, but would’ve been an outlet sneaker in the past. And someone (@Stuyvesant?) wanted to talk about being “in the game for the wrong reasons.” Funny joke.

      • ClifCs6

        @Neezy actually some of us, like myself, would have been like 8 or somethin 10 years ago so our shoe knowledge back then maybe wouldn’t have been legit. But still you guys are flamin on the shoe jus cuz its not a bred or columbia or whatever. I think this has a nice chicago bulls theme to it, kinda like the 10’s.

  4. LaidBack_T

    Something about these looks off but it doesnt matter these will sell out faster than the “Playoffs” lol

  5. Stuyvesant

    Man. I love these. If you are gonna knock folks for liking this shoe for whatever reasons, then you are in the game for the wrong reasons.

  6. LLCoolDre

    Man… these do not look good. Big pass. Every shoe with a Jumpman on it doesn’t look good people. I’ll let the hypebeasts waste their money on these.

  7. kutsum

    Yeah…. i’m not amused. This is proof that they can slap any color on a retro and ppl will cop. lol. I’m saving this $140.

  8. MrGABE

    after they dropped the all white 11s with the red bottoms, i dont think this colorway should’ve been done. should’ve gone with a low space jam or something

  9. MartinD44

    I don’t remember the shoes Jordan was wearing being this ugly. I actually don’t think they would be half bad if they just didn’t have that red lining. To me, that’s what ruins these. Because I remember sort of liking the shoes Jordan was wearing. They really should be doing classic colors though. I think when JB makes these ugly CWs like this one, the joker 3s, and the crimson 3s they’re really just trying to buy time before they re-release the fan favorites. As we’re seeing now with the?thunder and lightning 4s, the grape 5s, and the ’88 3s,?JB will re-release anything. So the only reason they could be releasing such hideous CWs is to stall and buy more time before re-releasing the hits.

  10. thatonealexkid

    I’ll give these shoes one thing, the white is gonna make a sick platform for some customs. But I still stand by on my previous statement, looks like a combination what i threw up last friday and the massive shit I took earlier today.

    • gorgonphone

      @ClifCs6 not so fast lol tge lame hype beasts who can never cop the real heat will see these ob the shelf and grab them lol

      • ClifCs6

        @gorgonphone thats true, but all the hate this shoe has been gettin, everybody’s boardin the flame wagon, so this gonna go just like the stealth 3’s

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