Missed out on any of the previous KD V releases? Don?t worry, the Nike KD V ?Energy? will go on sale New Year?s Eve. The silver based sneaker with splatter swoosh will release on December 31, 2012 at Nike Basketball retailers. With a $115 price tag, will you cop or drop this upcoming sneaker?

Nike KD V
Sport Grey/Violet Force-Strata Grey-Bright Crimson-Electric Green
December 31, 2012

Image Source: CNCPTS

  • Neezy


  • http://www.nicekicks.com/ Big Montana

    pass im getting the bred 13s instead

    • ametla123

      @Big Montana?LOL SAME

      • allante the new one

        @ametla123??@Big Montana?those come out tomorrow???/

        • http://www.nicekicks.com/ Big Montana

          @allante the new one??@ametla123??@Big Montana
          ?no but they’re coming out this january supposidley

  • Kidd_Griffey

    Cop since everyone’s passing

    • Sensible_Swag

      @Kidd_Griffey?^^^ Reverse Hype Beast.

  • J0rdy_BAD4SS

    cop, these are dopee

  • PointForwards

    Pass. Too old to rock that Crayola color splash

  • nplunkett


  • clearancescaavenger

    Ahhh reminds me off my younger years when I always screw up my my clay dough by combining all the colors together

  • UGH

    drop these ugly P.o.s

  • KURN12

    @ThaFinest06 hello, i texted you!

  • RDogg23

    I like these but some sites got these dubbed the “Nerfs”. I don’t know they’re just trying to really hype this shoe up!

  • Flipperator

    @MontyMacalino mehhhh

  • DammianMoore

    Horrible shoe…….. Lebrons are so much more comfortable.

  • OoWee_B

    copp KD V Splatter > LeBron X Prism

  • Kidd_Griffey

    I copped em’ :)

  • matthewscottd


  • Da_Difference116

    they’re alright….

  • mac_hoffa
  • GaryLin

    Got them both

  • TheJZA

    These are a sold pair of shoes. Although not the most comfortable in the world, they’re still legit. I copped.

  • OoWee_B

    glad i was able to get a pair today cause this was a definite copp for me

  • DosQuatr0

    they remind me of the heat goggles in splinter cell

  • mineisbiggerthanyours

    copped online and will have them monday

  • dalford1985

    Copped my pair over an hour ago from the mall. Glad they had my size left.

  • dalford1985

    Copped my pair over an hour ago. Looks nice in person and they feel good on the feet.

  • juujuubee3

    Copped em yesterday.

  • Duey

    Copped yesterday, these pop crazy in person good sneaker!

  • truecelticzae9

    cop but drop da green strings

  • YellowingSucks

    copping…i love crazy cw’s

  • jrsoldit