Remember the lines? Remember the unruly crowds? Remember the numerous news outlets covering the release? Remember the joy you had when you secured your pair? If you were one of the many outside of any retailer that happened to carry Jordan Brand product this time last year, you may have noticed increased security; possibly city police officers. Exactly one year ago today was one of the best, and possibly one of the worst days for the sneaker culture. The 2011 release of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” was met with hoopla never seen before for a sneaker. Arguably the most popular shoe in the entire Air Jordan catalog, the “Concords” were a must have for any sneaker fan, and the release shined a light on some of the recent issues that have occurred regarding sneakers.

Nonetheless, the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is one of the greatest shoes of all time. Proof the popularity has not waned was supported when the sneakers restocked randomly at Finish Line within the last month and sold out in minutes. Do you own a pair of “Concords”? Were you able to cop on the original release date? Let us know your story in the comments below, or on Twitter.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
December 23, 2011

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

  • Sensible_Swag

    “Arguably the most popular shoe in the entire Air Jordan catalog” – That can be said about so many Js. My personal all time FAV is definitely the Bred 11s…which I did cop. . . . . Was honestly never a fan of the Concords.


    Had to wait a month to find em at $300.. I was always able to get a pair if I went 30 min before, that released changed the game and f’d up my collection and ability to get every release at retail, but oh well, I feel like a leader at least

  • Sensible_Swag

    @SKTHEPREZ?$300? Shit you got a damn deal!

  • RobertGuajardo

    A few months before, I didn’t even plan on getting this shoe. But I allowed the hype to persuade me into having them. I did not cop for retail after Finish Line took payment from me on 8 pairs….what a nightmare. Luckily I picked up a pair for $400 a few days later. Not ideal and totally against my beliefs when it comes to kicks, but they were a must cop. This release, sadly, may have set the sneaker game down a gloomy path as we are starting to put way too much focus? on sneakers. Luckily the Playoffs 11 didn’t spark the same chaos (although there was still some). After I grab the Retro 1 on 1/5 and hopefully the Grape 5 in April/May, I may be done with J’s for a while. The hassel is too much and I will also have just about every J I want for my collection. I just need some 6’s Infrared and I’ll be good.

  • zamieo

    I actually PASSED on them. Like, I had them in front of me (on the web) and I was like naaahh, I need the money. A couple of hours later and I was like “damm, I want them though”, but by then they were long sold out. This year, I decided months in advance that I was most def copping the Bred’s to make up for the Concord’s. And I did.

  • WaddahAlhuwaider

    actually living in dubai you cant get them here but i am not a fan of 11’s in general i dont really like them

  • justwin

    I remember waiting in that line for hours to get em until this dude went in and bought like 25 pair! By the time I got a chance to grab em they only had an 8 and 13 (I wear a 10). Went home cold and disappointed but made a few calls and a close friend of mine said he actually had a pair he grabbed for me at his store. Only 2hrs of sleep that day but I got em!

  • XavierSmith

    I remember waking up at 10pm the night before and heading to the mall… My boys LJ, Davenport, Watkins, the wolf pack, and myself all there by 1130 ish. It was like 15 degrees outside and we camped for 7 hours… Although we had a connect a footlocker, we still had to camp with the other 450 people in attendance… 3 store; sheik, finish line, footlocker, with damn near 500 folks in attendance to cop. We almost got into 4 fights just because thirsty people assumed that we were trying to cut them. We were just trying to stand in the front by the main entrance so we wouldnt get blasted by the win for the rest of the night. Needless to say 7 of us walked out with close to 15 pairs within our wolfpack. Much like the bred release this year.

  • AaronGraham617

    @XavierSmith cool story bro

  • CoreySavage

    Waited in line with my boys for around 17hours. Between the 5 of us, we copped 30 pairs. we then sprinted to the car, trying not to get jumped. One of the best experiences of my life without a doubt

  • bigrich0272

    Yes 2 pair. Got 2 pair of BRED’S this year

  • bigrich0272

    @Sensible_Swag @SKTHEPREZ all the people wanting 450 and 600 will be stuck with those they will com down

  • Sensible_Swag

    @CoreySavage?You exaggerating? 30 Pairs? Had to be a mom and pop store letting you cop multiple pairs like that.

  • CoreySavage

    @Sensible_Swag?Yes sir

  • GotZigzag

    Had them in my cart after hearing from nice kicks on twitter but the page kept crashing after an hour I was finally putting through the payment on a sz 12 when it said that the pair had sold out from under me. So I hurried secured a sz 11.5 and after only 20 min the same thing happened. I was simultaneously trying from the Ipad and my PC and actually got payment info submitted on both to have It freeze and or not freeze and after 10 min say out of stock. Very embarrassed to say it ruined my day and week. Over a pair of kicks? I had saved up for the breds and couldn’t believe the last minute sale on Concorde. Now I have none and shop nice kicks took and held my money for over a week just to tell me they were out of stock? Wtf? Can’t believe I’m saying this but standing in line at least u know where you stand and don’t get your hopes Crushed over and over.


    I was at KOP HOH and arrived 2:30pm on the 23rd and I was #42 in line. ?I got my pair, but talking to people about our common interest “sneakers” was the best part. ?Everytime i’m at a sneaker release i see those same guys and its like a fraternity. ?The best Q&A we got in the line last year: ?Q: (older Lady) Excuse me what are you waiting in line for? A: They are selling Louie Vuitton purses for $50. ?She stood in the back of the line for 30 minutes then came back to us saying “real funny guys.”

  • kendeezy3z

    happyi got mine and never worn

  • HNIC_Rell

    Camped for 5 hours and couldn’t cop was very dissapointed that day it ruined my whole Xmas but 6 months later my friend who had them was like ill trade your beats for them but by then I no longer wanted them and was happy with my lil foam collection and my other J’s

  • Prestigious

    I was visiting my grandmother down in Alabama for the holidays. I was able to just walk into the local mall and cop with no line and no struggle (how it should be). The hype since this release has been crazy. Now you gotta plan, RSVP, camp and rely on raffles just to get a pair of shoes. People started to camp out for every single Jordan release since the 2011 concords.

  • CyanHaughton

    They will restocked back again?

  • CyanHaughton

    They will restocked back again jrd 11 Conccords?

  • luisvictor79

    @kendeezy3z hypebeast…


    I got my pair after 5 months, I’m not gonna exchange my only life just to cop a pair of shoes on release date even though 11’s are my grails…

  • blakboyy

    I copped mine two weeks before they dropped last year… just undeadstocked my pair two weeks ago. So icy!

  • blakboyy

    …glad the “Playoffs” frenzy is finally over, now maybe they’ll drop what I’ve been anticipating to drop this year, but was a sudden change of plans- the Columbias. I don’t care if I never see them Playoffs” again.

  • blakboyy

    …glad the whole “Playoffs” frenzy is finally over, now just maybe they’ll drop what I’ve been anticipating to drop this holiday season, but was a sudden change of plans – the Columbias. I don’t care if I never see the “Playoffs again.

  • blakboyy

    …glad the whole “Playoffs” frenzy is finally over, now just maybe they’ll drop what I’ve been anticipating to drop this holiday season, but was a sudden change of plans – the “Columbias”. I don’t care if I never see the “Playoffs” again.

  • blakboyy

    … glad the whole “Playoffs” frenzy is finally over, now just maybe they’ll drop what I’ve been anticipating to drop this holiday season, but was a sudden change of plans – the “Columbias”. I don’t care if I never see the “Playoffs” again.

    • MartinD44

      @ blakboyy
      ?Two 11s releases??? You’re dreaming. Thats not gonna happen.

      • blakboyy

        ?I know they won’t drop two pair of 11’s this year, I meant maybe since they changed their minds this year they’ll drop them next Christmas.

      • MartinD44

        @ blakboyy
        ?Oh well yea, thats gotta be the next one because they’ve done the space jams more recently than the Columbias. So I’d be surprised if those don’t come out next year, especially with everyone clamoring for them since kicks on fire said they were gonna release.

  • lujess

    got them on the original release date, waiting for my best friends wedding in august to bust them out!

  • 109xEmack

    Got mine last year on release date at the footaction on Crenshaw and Century with my lil cousin, got pressed had to call the homie for the burner and Im done with retro Js after that, never is it that important. Ill stick to chucks lol

  • Ejmartinez14

    Was at home last year with 2 lab tops and t cell phones and held on hold for about 45min happily through Eastbay and was able to cop 2 pair in comfort of my own home while I had a friend who waited through the night in line at a store and didn’t even get a pair, I was Deff grateful, best Xmas ever, never owned a pair till 2011

  • bigrich0272

    It’s laptops bro not LABTOPS

  • mac_hoffa

    8 hour camp in the cold and rain at the Footlocker in Newark, NJ… 1a.m. to around 9 a.m…. dealt with the threat of being robbed… me and the homies stood tall tho… The store had 2 12s and I got the last one. Feet were wet and cold so I had to cop a pair of jb socks just to try the Concords on… Fit like a glove… My very first pair of 11s!

  • mac_hoffa

    That night I spent a while trying to figure out where to go. There’s Willowbrook Mall, Livingston Mall, Woodbridge Mall, or a few local FootLockers. My homie Dom hmu around 1 and said he was headed to Newark cuz all the other spots looked crazy. See, most ppl won’t camp on the streets of Newark cuz it can go all types of wrong. You gotta be a different breed of sneakerhead to take that risk… And that breed is exactly what we were!?8 hour camp in the cold and rain at the Footlocker in Newark, NJ… 1a.m. to around 9 a.m…. stood at #15 in a line that grew to about 100 by the time the sun came up… froze our butts off and dealt with the threat of being robbed or worse…but me and the homies stood tall tho… Newark PD was def not havin the bs. The store had two 12s and I got the last one. Socks were soaked and feet were frozen by the time store opened so I had to cop a fresh pair of Jb socks just to try the Concords on… Fit like a glove… Felt like love lol… My very first pair of Retro 11s!!… Bittersweet cuz my homie behind me didn’t get them and he went through it with me. The game is the game

  • fake_polo

    It was the day before and i had the money and everything. I was telling my mom we should probably buy them online to avoid all the chaos, but she did not believe it was going to be that serious. She was scared to buy shit online anyway. I woke up around 2:00 in the morning. I attempted to wake her up but she refused. so 8:00 in the morning she is ready to leave we go to one footlocker and they were sold out, of course. Then we went to one of the most dead malls in America and even they were sold out. With each store being sold out, i was highly upset. The only thing i wanted for?Christmas?and i didn’t even get them. She though i was bullshittin when i said people be camping days in advance. When she saw all the news coverage on these she finally believed my ass. These were my holy?grail?and to this day im still trying to see if i can get them. This year was different i was able to get the breds with little ?to no headache.

    • Chaubri

      @fake_polo my dad did the same shit. We came back from vacation and he said if they have them ill buy them. Yeah they won’t dad I told you -___-

  • JagDinero

    Got them on finishline before the site crashed on cyber monday! #Victory

  • DevinWyatt

    got mine last year on release day here in nyc. was a crazy night. rained almost the whole time, say 4 kids get run down by police, mini fire next to were we was standing in times square at the toys r us, saw a gimp on the corner some weird stuff smh lol but through all that i was lucky to get a pair. but since then i havnt had the same excitement i used to have. game has changed so much. what was once fun has been killed.

  • gorgonphone

    i never wanted this shoe simply because it turns yellow to fast … i prefer the bred 11s by far

  • Jonathan Broder

    love this shoe! xi is my fav jay and no i am not a hypebeast. loved when the mamba rocked em back in 2002 season..very dope. he rocked em in hawaii also during 2003 training camp!

  • jtrrz30

  • ICantFeelMyFace28

    I copped mine on the original release date. I was at work and left on my lunch break to visit the local mall to finishline just to check and see if people had started lining up. It was 5:30pm and there were 3 people already lined up. I rushed back to work, entered in PTO for the rest of the day and grabbed my spot in line. Waited 6 hours (midnight release) and safely copped my Concords in the warmth of Cool Springs Mall. Picked up my Breds through the Finishline draft also. Would love to have the Columbias

  • DJNateGrey

    You forgot to mention all the people shot, stabbed, injured, and robbed over this one pair of shoes….

  • AjayRutledge

    I never got a pair but Im not mad about it. I think Jordan needs to do something about the craze for his kicks. He should get more pairs in stores or sadly but true increase the price of them. It will discourage resell. And if he gets more pairs in stores and resellers still try to buy all the pairs make the return date 5 days in retailers. Just thought. And if they increase the price better increase the quality of them too. 2001-2006 was great for me with jordans meaning quality. I wish those days came back.

    • gorgonphone

      @AjayRutledge?i never wanted concords cause of all the white on them that turns ?yellow even if you dont wear the damn things..

  • SpaceBoiiGucci

    bought mine week before they came out…and i customized them as well for me and my team’s clothing line Vie De Chateaux Facebook: Gucci Ibornfly Sr. Instagram: @ibornfly_spaceboiigucci TAKE A LOOK:?

  • SpaceBoiiGucci

    And btw its not called bred 11s its “playoffs” #FRAUDS

    • Diggler63

      @SpaceBoiiGucci them are a waste of Concords I would slap my self

    • Fabi0_0ch0a

      @SpaceBoiiGucci yeah thats the official name, the nickname is bred is as old as the shoe itseld it applies to all black and red Js. Nike named it playoffs but the culture named it bred

  • mr3Dhimself

    I was actually jus able to cop a pair. I couple of weeks before tha bred 11 release I was jus getting off work & as I was headed home I stopped by tha store to get something to drink & I noticed tha guy in front of me had on a pair. As he was about to walk out tha store I stopped him and told him I’d buy em’ off his feet & he sold em’ to me for $190. I followed him to his house to get tha box too

    • gorgonphone

      @mr3Dhimself 190 is really good if they are in perfect condition but i dont wear used shoes

  • Jay

    Had my girl go out at six it wasnt bad but at seven than people startin movin in she stayed and got me a pair still have them in ziplock bags