Three of the brightest superstars in the NBA also happen to be a part of Nike Basketball. They all are involved in Christmas Day matchups, and will bring out new sneakers to commemorate the occasion. Both the Nike KD V ?Christmas? and Nike Kobe 8 ?Christmas? feature multicolored uppers, while the Nike LeBron X ?Christmas? stays with the traditional red and green Christmas colors. The entire Nike Basketball ?Christmas? Pack will be available on Wednesday, December 26. Which of the ?Christmas? Pack are you going to cop?

Nike Basketball "Christmas" Pack

Nike Basketball “Christmas” Pack

Nike Basketball "Christmas" Pack

Nike Basketball “Christmas” Pack

Nike Basketball "Christmas" Pack

Nike Basketball “Christmas” Pack

Nike LeBron X "Christmas"

Nike LeBron X “Christmas”

Nike LeBron X "Christmas"

Nike LeBron X “Christmas”

Nike Kobe 8 "Christmas"

Nike Kobe 8 “Christmas”

Nike Kobe 8 "Christmas"

Nike Kobe 8 “Christmas”

Nike KD V "Christmas"

Nike KD V “Christmas”

Nike Basketball "Christmas" Pack

Nike Basketball “Christmas” Pack

  • Jade Snipes Siojo


  • Patrick Marriott

    Probably Kobes

  • Oscariin Alejos

    Getting the KD V “Christmas” Next week!

  • Cole Bovarnick

    they are all gross

  • Quentin Blackie

    lebron 10’s

  • MarcelKoolkicksRobertson

    Honestly im feeling all 3 but the kd5 is just sick

  • Derrick Bratcher Jr.

    the scoring champ

  • Jordan M Debow


  • TheWiz0911

    Gotta get them Kobe’s

  • Reese Good-Aumell

    KD 5s

  • Josh LaBarre

    Lebrons…the only on that resembles christmas…also the best lookin shoe anyways

  • Josh LaBarre


  • Nathan Trissel

    That’s the best Nike could do? Ugly shoes and poor design

  • Kevin Torres


  • Eric Flowz


  • Tyler Adams


  • Andrew John Marsh

    Yikes…only the lebrons even make me think of Christmas

  • FullSizeRun

    @nicekicksfeed I like the Lebrons; I can do without the rest.

  • Billyb3434

    fruity pebbles

  • Will Grello

    all three have their respective likable “qualities” about them. the Kobe’s and KD’s look like christmas sweaters you don’t like at first, but then grow on you. the X’s played safe and look like i could do that on NikeID.

  • Jake Sousa

    KD V DEF

  • Nick Puyot


  • Neezy

    It’s pretty obvious who has the better of this “pack.” Did Kobe and KD designers at Nike, PURPOSELY opt for the “ugly Christmas sweater” look?

    • Will Grello

      @Neezy?haha, i left out the “ugly”…the X’s seem “expected” i guess

  • Locke A. Wallen

    None… ewww… there disgusting

  • Chris Hancock

    Why drop xmas shoes the day after? that’s just dumb.

  • Khaalis Grey

    lol Chris cuz ppl dont work on christmas day? who is gunna sell the shoes?

  • Khaalis Grey

    with the kd, and kobe colours looking like vomit…and the lebron X looking like a ID made by a lazy person i think ill pass on all

  • pUp

    Pass on all three, the most appealing ones to me are the “Bill Cosby” sweater Kobe’s.

    • Will Grello

      @pUp?”Huxtable Kobes”…i hope thats how its spelled! hahahaha

  • mikeykicks

    kd are nice the x’s are ok and the kobes look like my grandpas old sweater from the 70’s

  • ThaRealKman

    @HeartFullOfSole I’m boutta go on the 26th you boutta cop the kd’s aren’t you? Lol

  • HeartFullOfSole

    @ThaRealKman hell yea, I’m tryna make that move b

    • ThaRealKman

      @HeartFullOfSole aight I got u

  • sneakgeek_02

    lebrons too plain too me, kobes tried to be different, but didnt quite work out. The only ones who did a fairly past decent job are the Kd’s and they grow on me everytime i see them

  • UrrMax

    What’s more significant about this to me is it introduces why the KD5 may end up being a nice sneaker this year after all… They ate able to treat it like a foamposite and can print whatever they want on the surface… Interesting…

  • Godfrey Lee

    All nasty

  • ryrg

    Well the kobe is not so nice, but love the pink swoosh

  • clearancescaavenger

    Kds and Kobes are inspired by ski jumpers lol

  • CHold

    @treykerby the KD is the only pair worth whatever they cost.

  • Archizuber

    @treykerby very last: the actual song “Christmas Shoes”

  • treykerby

    @Archizuber You are absolutely right.

  • johnnybialek

    @treykerby KD, Kobe, LeBron for me

  • JonesOnTheNBA

    @treykerby actually like the Kobe’s. Not a fan of the KD colorway. Now that grey one with the nerf color accents Simeon High wore? Mean!

  • lukascash

    @treykerby I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your tweet over those loud and awful Kobe’s.

  • treykerby

    @JonesOnTheNBA I like the Kobes too, but I can’t imagine them being easy to wear around.

  • jothb27

    @JonesOnTheNBA @treykerby To me, Kobe’s are the best for balling and LeBrons are the best for wearing

  • runofsketch

    agreed. RT @treykerby Were I ranking Nike Christmas shoes, I’d go Durant, LeBron, Kobe:

  • richardpwnsner

    @treykerby Now rank snappy loafers.

  • Danny Schukraft

    The Kobe’s kill all

  • Quintessential Tim B

    The Kobes for sure!

  • devin23a

    actually the kds are inspired by kevin durants love for video games…. as you can see it is pixelated not an ogly sweater.

  • http://victoriii24takecare Victoriii24

    Kobe’s > Kd’s > Lebrons

  • http://victoriii24takecare Victoriii24

    Kobe’s > Kd’s > Lebrons

  • David Nguyen

    Wth is wrong with people, who would be brave enough to put these on their feet?

  • StaciaBeeetch

    These pictures are traaaash! The swoosh and shoe strings on the Kobes in person is RED, not pink. and the red on the LeBrons is not that bright. And the blue on the KD’s is not that intense. You dont even get the full affect with these pictures.

  • n8mfbennett

    Tired of non hoopers buying out shoes..went to SF nike town at opening…they said all shoes had been reserved?!! I was like WTF..the store just opened. Then i see a group of fat, short, non athletic folks grab these from behind the counter. Was officially pissed..Its one thing to get your Jordan on but man,some folks are really messing up the sneaker games for the guys like myself that hoop and want to stray away from the normal colorways.

  • n8mfbennett

    My sentiments are the following:
    Euro footballers buy soccer cleats
    American footballers buy football cleats
    Basketball players where basketball shoes
    People that play COD or Madden All Day should wear socks
    Spoken on behalf of a true athlete

  • KingOfKicks2013

    Lebron Rating: 10/10
    KD Rating: 9/10
    Kobe Rating: 4/10
    The Lebrons are SEXY!
    The KDs are alright.
    The Kobes are UGLY AS HELL! It looks like a pokemon VOMETED!

  • KingOfKicks2013

    Lebron Rating: 10/10
    KD Rating: 9/10
    Kobe Rating: 4/10
    The Lebrons are SEXY!
    The KDs are alright.
    The Kobes are UGLY AS HELL! It looks like a pokemon VOMETED!

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