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As one half of the historic rap group Outkast, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, has released his second solo album entitled Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors today. The unorthodox name stems from trappings his grandmother advised him to be cautious of, but unusual is nothing new to the unique mind of Big Boi. Longevity is also a strong point, as he has been in the game for 18 years and counting, and has been a sneaker fan for even longer. No stranger to our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker segment, Big Boi sat down with us to discuss his new album, and his passion for sneakers.

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Nice Kicks: With the brand new album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, coming out, you and Andre 3000 have been in the game since 1994. What inspires you to keep going? Have your inspirations changed at all since the beginning?

Big Boi: That?s like asking Luke Skywalker what made him want to be a Jedi. This is just what I do, baby. You know? This is what I was put here to do. This is genuinely a gift. It?s not a guy just applying himself, and doing something. I am really blessed to have a talent that God and my parents have given me to be here to bless the world with great music, and I embrace it. This is what I love doing. Music makes me tick, man. I really can?t see myself doing anything but the music right now.

Nice Kicks: What were your musical influences?

Big Boi: I grew up on everything. I listened to everything from Bob Marley to Kate Bush, Eurythmics, Metallica, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Geto Boys, and 2 Live Crew. I listen to all types of music. I have over 13,000 songs in my iPod. I was never really biased to one specific thing. I?m an emcee first and foremost, but I?m a global crusader. I love making music.

Nice Kicks: That definitely shows in your body of work.

Big Boi: No boundaries.

Nice Kicks: Saying that, what can fans expect from Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors?

Big Boi: It?s ?electro-funk?, man. Music that makes your face frown up. No two songs sound alike. It sounds like nothing?NOTHING that?s on the planet right now. That?s how I like to keep it. It?s from the bloodline of OutKast, so it?s the unexpected. We never try to visit the same things twice. It?s always a search for a new groove. You know what I?m saying? I can say expect the unexpected. That?s the closest way I can describe it because it?s not what you?re used to.

Outkast circa 1996

Outkast circa 1996

Nice Kicks: Speaking of Outkast, you guys have been known for your style from when you first came out to your style evolving into where it is today. Where does that eclectic fashion come from?

Big Boi: Coming up, my uncle and aunties used to be dead fresh going to the club. They used to have on these crazy and outlandish outfits, so it came from that. One of the things that drew me and Dre (3000 of Outkast) together in school was the style of dress we had. We were like preps wearing Tretorn and Guess jeans dyed different colors. We had tennis racquets, and wore Polo swim trunks to school with the freshest sneakers. You know what I?m saying? Style is really about personal expression; about how you?re feeling that day or what you want to say to the world. What people see on the outside is their first take on you. If you got on Dickies and a t-shirt, then that portrays one thing, but if you got on some Gators, that portrays another thing. It?s all about your personal sense of style and what you?re feeling that day.

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