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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook became the first player to take flight in the Air Jordan XX8 just one day after Jordan Brand unveiled this unique silhouette. Although some expected him to wear an OKC Thunder player exclusive version, Westbrook?recorded 25 points and dished out nine assists while sporting the “Stealth” colorway of the XX8. For those wondering, Russell opted to wear one zipped all the way up (right foot) and the other with the shroud halfway down (left foot). In your opinion, how does the Air Jordan XX8 look on court? View detailed photos of the XX8 on court in today’s edition of Kicks On Court.

**Note** Let us know how you feel about the Air Jordan XX8 after seeing it on court by casting your vote in our poll at the bottom of the first page.

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook laying it up in the Air Jordan XX8

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook’s Air Jordan XX8

Kicks On Court

Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook in a Nike Lunar Hypergamer Low PE and the Air Jordan XX8, respectively

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook’s Air Jordan XX8

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook attacking the rim in the Air Jordan XX8

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook laying it up in the Air Jordan XX8

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Hop2423 5pts

I Still think these are a sick ugly Joke!! This is a Joke- ((RIGHT)) JB&Nike are testing 2 see how many retarded blind people have MONEY!Lmao

gabrielpristine 5pts

I dont care how good these shits feel on court. They look retarded. Only way someone can pull them off, is if your super good at basketball. If you suck, your going to look like a damn fool.

There are PLENTY of high performance sneakers out there.

JimboSlice 5pts

I may be in the minority but I'm absolutely in love with the shoe

geeman4life 5pts

You guys are giving these kicks to much hate and to much to talk about keep it up and when they do drop $250 price tag or not they just mite sell out. Just give me that back pack Tinker got on his back that $hit is hot

BennyBeFly 5pts

Where's the option for "I liked them even before he wore them"? I knew these would look sick on the court as soon as I saw them zipped up. I have a feeling a lot of people will really warm up to these when they see Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook flying in these all season long.

Prestigious 5pts

These are probably some good performance shoes, but not many sneakerheads or hypebeast would know about that. I'll cop em to hoop in.

moose2013 5pts

i bet if they said kanye designed them or if they where called air yeezy 3, the hypebeast would say these are nice, ahead of thier time and would sell out in a minute.

shoefreak 5pts

some people might think they are cool but in my point of view they are ugly

geeman4life 5pts

I think these would look good on a smaller foot. After a 9.5 mite be a no no

Voon60 5pts

I've been putting some thought into the new AJXX8...after seeing these pictures of Westbrook wearing them, and then comparing them to the rest of the "kicks on court" images, I'm gaining respect for the J's quickly. THESE ARE ACTUALLY DIFFERENT. Love them or hate them, they do make a statement, which is what Jordans should do. Anything new/revolutionary is going to be weird at first. Everyone always talks about how "these aren't Jordans," but what are Jordans if they're not groundbreaking, revolutionary, and, hell, maybe even weird at first? Jordans break new ground, and--in some ways--I think that's what these are doing. Plus they actually look really sleek and mean when worn on the court. That's my two cents. 

hot5rod 5pts

. Kobe did it with the kobe iv and hyperdunks then lebron has done it a couple of times with various shoe all both did were bring out many colorways an ppl have bought them. Jordan brand has made his signature shoe(xx3-xx8) all about performance the retros are shoes for all the sneakerheads out there not these. He is the greatest of all time and this shoe will be a game changer just like all the rest.Just wait till another colorway drops.As for all those talking about price foamposite 200,lebron p.s 200,lebron x 250 or 260.Nike has a financial goal they want to reach and as long as ppl are paying outrages price they will continue to do so. I've that from ppl who work for nike


JoshEdwards 5pts

Those are trash. C'mon Jordan Brand please do better 

Ian Scharine
Ian Scharine 5pts

Jeez those are ugly. What's with the green hues? I had one pair of zippered shoes and the zippers always came undone during vigorous running/jumping. If I buy the XX8's at all they will be a lower cut version sans-zipper and with a tasteful colorway. They are probably $200+ as well.

Komplete18 5pts

i wish jordan brand makes aj 28 2.0.. or a lite version... without the zipper

OriginalAuthor 5pts

New Kobe is 140, I am sorry, there is not a HUNDRED DOLLARS more tech in this shoe than the New Kobe Shoe, which I think is a Highly advanced shoe, especially since its a low cut sneaker, so it takes more tech for stability.Jordan is on some BS charging this much for a new sneaker that really supposed to be about "the performance" yeah right....its about the Logo why they cost like that.

zapatoz 5pts

every jordan should have a uniqueness to it that makes it stand out and different. Lately, all the Nike and Jordan stuff has been crossing over (and that's what all youngbloodz want) a lebron shoe with a Jordan symbol - eff that. It's only right that Jordan does not go that route from a brand stand point, they are the only brand that can do this - and I appreciate the effort. Whether or not it looks "good" or not, its unique enough to stand on its own. i don't necessarily love every Jordan shoe in the 28 years line, and sometimes I didn't like it when it came out, but later on, I learn to appreciate the iconicness (not a real word) of it. and this is just that. Not a sorry make a shoe because its Jordan (jordan IX, X) don't like these, they all lead up to the XI though. btw I design shoes for a mainstream brand, and wish we could pull this shit, but only Jordan can. Kudos.

OriginalAuthor 5pts

The New KOBE 8 Shoe is JUST as advanced and this, but way cheaper....250 is way to much...it dont matter what people pay for retros, this a new sneaker that its Priced is Jacked Up, cause its a Jordan and they know fools who thirst for mikes and want to be "different" will buy these Joints. Like one dude said, if people  really smart you will wait ,cause the price WILL come down, for the simple Reason they don't really rock off the court as much.

OriginalAuthor 5pts

@ Nezzy Stop with the Nonsense. The FP1 was a waaaaay better shoe, and made more sense, since it was LOWER and the top of the shoe hugged the leg more.I had that sneaker  and  these are not Ill like that.I dont care about the technical abilities of this shoe...there are some design follies here. Westbrook shows that, cause he flips the top down a little. The top of this shoe, fully zipped up is an EPIC FAIL.

Neezy 5pts

BTW Miami should be ashamed of themselves.

Neezy 5pts

For the people who voted "I need to see more colorways before I give my final opinion" the colorway isn't going to help or make the sneaker look any "different" than now, because it's got a shroud on it. If it were red, white, or whatever else, if you don't like the design a color isn't going to change that! I, personally, love these. If you owned a pair of Flightposite I sneakers, back in the day, there's no way you could "dislike" these... aside from being a "Retro Ho!" Although these and the FPI do differ, I instantly get taken back to those. Loved hooping in them on the courts!

gogurt20 5pts

I personally it's a great shoe for basketball not a shoe that's goes with jeans but 250 is way too much

DatNew1Again 5pts

I want to see a Guicci pattern--- think jumpman (log) all on the shoe--Nike can I get paid!  :)--I guess the leather basketball shoe is dead now-- technology killed it.

AllenWalker_MH 5pts

Matter of fact the Gloves were better cause they even had the monkey claw print on the inside.. These look really bad especially with white crew socks on under.. Maybe they should just blend into his compression pants.. That would really force the future of footwear. How about a whole wet suit with footies?

RJ Timtiman
RJ Timtiman 5pts

I like the XX8 with the shroud down.

Bonnie A. Chen
Bonnie A. Chen 5pts

Is this what it takes to pledge into the brotherhood of Team Jordan? Lmao

James Hill
James Hill 5pts

The cut is too high! 8 inches? C'mon now! Tinker Hatfield designed these after war boots because Michael Jordan said playing basketball felt like he was going to war. Another cheesy gimmick by Jordan Brand.

sneakgeek_02 5pts

been loved them, loving them even more. cant wait to get mine

MichaelBraxton 5pts

Liked it before. Still like it. They look fly with the top down.