Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”

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Reebok Answer IV Hoyas

Dressed in white, navy, and grey, the Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas” launched as an original makeup in the fall of 2000. While there’s no specific release details for the upcoming re-launch of this collegiate colorway, stay tuned to Nice Kicks for updates.

Reebok Answer IV "Hoyas"

Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”

Reebok Answer IV "Hoyas"

Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”

Reebok Answer IV "Hoyas"

Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”

Reebok Answer IV "Hoyas"

Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”

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12 Comments on "Reebok Answer IV “Hoyas”"

  1. My favorite sneaker of all time…next to the zoom flight 5’s and the foamposite one’s…these are a must…Im getting every colorway of the answer 4’s

    • UGH

      @pUp what are you talking about?! The entire shoe was real leather! You think a synthetic is better quality? smh…

      • pUp

        @UGH?the fxckin loop on the back ripped off the first time I put them on…… hella cheap, thats what I’m talking about

      • Syloe650

        @UGH??@pUp? The OGs were bad quality too! Our whole HS basketball team got free pairs and shit just fell apart when playin ball in em. AI proly changed a pair every half lol.

        • Tuddy306

          @Syloe650 @UGH @pUp funny u say that . Sizing was always off. Iverson was always bitching to a Reebok rep. It’s heresay. I was never in locker room but don’t it make some sense

  2. SamieBacorro

    i dont remember them callin these the “hoyas” back in the day. These matched the sixers alternate unis (hence the red accents) lol.

  3. Tuddy306

    Philly guy. Met inverson few times. Reeboks always sold well here. These are horrible. The tips are a great classic shoe, but reebok never did the guy justice w/ his shoe line

  4. FalconSeven

    best shoe ive ever worn , the black/white ones, i snatched the red/grey? and absolutely love them,im hunting for the blue and black!!!

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