Kicks On Court: Nate Robinson Rocks Three Different Jordans in Bulls Opener

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We’ve seen players swap shoes during halftime for comfort issues, superstitions or whatever other reason, but what about three different shoes in one game? Who does that? In Chicago’s season opener, Nate Robinson sported not one, not two, but three different Jordans. Specifically, Robinson laced up the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement during the first quarter before switching to the Air Jordan 12 White/Red in the second quarter. He took to the court, during the third and fourth quarters, in the “Chicago” Air Jordan 10. If this is any indication of what Nate plans to bring to the court this year, pencil him in as the lead candidate for Kicks On Court Champion right now. View these shoes, plus more, worn by rookie Thomas Robinson, Blake Griffin, Nick Young and others, below.

Kicks On Court

Nate Robinson (upper right hand corner) in the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement during the first quarter

Kicks On Court

Nate Robinson in the Air Jordan 12 White/Varsity Red during the second quarter

Kicks On Court

Thomas Robinson (left) in the “Flint Grey” Air Jordan 7 and Nate Robinson attacking the rim in the “Chicago” Air Jordan 10 during the third quarter

Kicks On Court

Nate Robinson wearing the “Chicago” Air Jordan 10 during the fourth quarter

Kicks On Court

DeMar DeRozan wearing the “Black Cat” Air Jordan 4 and Paul George in the Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite Black/Metallic Gold

Kicks On Court

Nick Young laying it up in the Nike Air Go LWP

Kicks On Court

DeMarcus Cousins in the “Metallic Copper” Nike Zoom KD IV

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant wearing a ?new Nike Zoom Kobe VII PE

Kicks On Court

Dwight Howard and Jared Jeffries in the adidas adiZero Howard Light and the Air Jordan 11 “Playoffs”, respectively

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24 Comments on "Kicks On Court: Nate Robinson Rocks Three Different Jordans in Bulls Opener"

  1. Rataface805

    If nate never won the dunking contest nobody would even know who this dirtbag is. He sucks and should be sent to the D league

  2. Neezy

    That’s pretty stupid, Nate. No one really cares about your kick game THAT MUCH, that you should wear different pairs of them during ONE game. I guess that’s why you’ll be nothing more than a “Slam Dunk Champion.”

  3. Neezy

    That’s pretty stupid, Nate. No one really cares about your kick game THAT MUCH, that you should wear THREE different pairs of them during ONE game. I guess that’s why you’ll be nothing more than a “Slam Dunk Champion.”

  4. WiktorKonopacki

    he is more about shoes then a game?i mean i switched my shoes yesterday during halftime, cause sometimes new ones are not jet comfortable, especialy foams. but Nate? he probably plans play each shoe each quater but he forgot befor last quater, or coach didn’t put him on court. LOL

  5. When you care about your shoes more than the game…lmao ….love the shoe game of some of these players…but bring one pair to the game….it’s about showing ppl ur the best at your position not who has the most heat (which was mediocre btw) -_- gtfo……..but those kdot coppers tho

    • MartinD44

      ?Dude if Blake griffen brought one shoe to that playoff game against the grizzlies, he wouldn’t have been able to play after his shoe ripped. People need to stop assuming why nate switched up his shoes 3 times. By the way JR Smith did this last season and no one was hating. If its superstition or uncomfortability, then let the dude alone. Sometimes shoes don’t fit right, and if one has the means to have multiple shoes ready to switch into, then thats his business.?I find it hard to believe he would do that just to show off his different kicks, but if he did then ya’ll can hate. Since nobody knows for sure, everyone should chill unless he actually says he did it to shyne. Obviously, that would be self-centered and focusing on the wrong things, but this dude knows who writes the checks. Its not nice kicks. If he looks unfocused the bulls can bench him, and even trade him. I don’t think nate would be that stupid to let his kicks choice interfere with his game.

  6. ChrisRobs

    kemba walker did this when he played for uconn. whenever he would lose a game the next game he would switch kicks, if he would win the next game he would wear the same. one game he was playing really really bad so he switched at half and during a timeout in the second half.

    • Neezy

      @ChrisRobs?Kemba’s situation sounds better. A lot of players are “supersititous,” from things like socks, wrist/headbands, etc. etc.This fool Nate just did it to “show off” and try to make it onto a “Kicks On Court” or “Celebrity Sneaker Stalker.” SMH It’s just like how Gilbert Arenas was more concerned about what “heat” he could pull out, yet, he couldn’t even make a good contribution to the team while in Orlando and Memphis. #Priorities

  7. rant and whine

    not a fan of nate rob but the haters on the comments section clearly are just a bunch of thugs, swagging their kicks on the streets, actin gangsta shit and all that all the time but still does not have the same success as the dude who changed to 3 shoes in 1 night during a game…the only dunk you guys could probably do is your oreo cookies to your glass of milk

    • Neezy

      @rant and whine?”Haters” and “thugs” because people feel like it’s stupid he cares MORE about what kicks to wear and how many different pairs, rather than what matters most, the game? OK. BTW that ending was lame as well.

    • Neezy

      @rant and whine?2 pts per sneaker. Great, now if he changes them 10 times per game for the remainder of the year, maybe he’ll win the Sixth Man of the Year award and other accolades that “matter.”

  8. Primo

    what about?Amir Johnson, his huarache’s they were by the coolest kicks !!!! they had his FREAK’n face on them and not one pick that’s a shame !!!!!!!!!!!! but good work Amir way to be?original and show that ?heat !!!!!!!

  9. john john

    nike should just give blake griffin he’s own signature shoe cause if jordan do they gonna give him some crap like what they gave wade, melo and cp3

  10. Sam_NoIAm

    I just knew for sure that Lawson was gonna be wearing the Lebron X “Windchills” this season smh….i’m sure it’s on the way though

  11. PeterMaasIV

    Pretty sure nate robinson was having footwear issues… ?Probably breaking them in or blister or they broke cause jordans are cheap as hell now…

    • Neezy

      @PeterMaasIV?Knowing of Nate’s character, I doubt it was any of those above “issues.” The same dude who took a pic in the “Platinum” Yeezy II to hoop on an outside blacktop court, with the “Solar Red” Yeezy II off to the side? Pfft…

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