Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”

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Nike Air Foamposite One Fighter Jet

Following yesterday’s first look, we get a better view of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”. White camouflage drapes the upper, set above a clear outsole and beneath black paneling. Red brands and tags this makeup, with release details still undisclosed.

Nike Air Foamposite One "Fighter Jet"

Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”

Nike Air Foamposite One "Fighter Jet"

Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”

Nike Air Foamposite One "Fighter Jet"

Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”

Source: Fantasy Kicks/SC

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60 Comments on "Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”"

  1. Rataface805

    Nah pass on these. That’s just my opinion I know hypebeast’s will be all over these like white on rice

    • colea

      @Rataface805?im not a hype beast but ive liked these before i found they were limited and i thought they wer a custom and i was about to buy foams to have customed like these

  2. StupidFleeBILLS

    still ugly…camo and foams just don’t mix imo drop a Yankees colorway or retro the carolina bues and dr dooms

  3. DefinitionofFLY


    • GyanShieldsdad

      @DefinitionofFLY?Have to agree with you on this one…But folks have on they’re “beast” google and can’t see whats happening. ?This could aslo be an acquired?taste.

      • DefinitionofFLY

        @GyanShieldsdad? I told my boy… chucks, af1’s, shell toes was the sneaker for the old heads… and thats why they still stick to them to this day… we came up in the jordan, foam era… there has to be some shoes that we let the new generation of sneaker heads to drool over… so 10 years from now they’ll be wanting the penny 5 to re-release (like we had to do for the OG foams) so you right… could be an acquired taste for sneaker heads like me…but def. not something im waiting in lines for, searching to pre-order, or… mad i can’t get them…

        • GyanShieldsdad

          @DefinitionofFLY?I hear you bro, I give every sneaker the benefit of the doubt but I feel like they are putting enough energy into the cw..and clear sole thing really doesn’t even go with the theme. I would rather soid orange or black…maybe even translucent orange or black…But I see what they are doing they are saving money… why coor the sole when we can just use the same oe clear sole . The customers sire dont give a crap. They just see “limited” an instantly go nuts. Two things I wish for pre-orders and to see the actual country wide number of each sneaker being made. I swear some of these “limited” shoes are not limited at all. But limited to whom can get to them at retail price.

        • colea

          @GyanShieldsdad??@DefinitionofFLY?i know yall will think im a hypebeast but im not if liked these foams before i found they were limited and i agree the clear is to save money and you know what would be nice with this if they had silver bottoms

  4. orodriguez2589

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  5. Da_Real_Big_Infinite

    I’m kinda feelin these… its sumthin different & u can’t go wrong wit military theme… so I might have to cop these bad boyz

  6. MisterExclusive

    Thank you Lord for a job. Now all I ask is you pray over my wallet…this is one of the sickest colorways I’ve seen on the Foams….#MustCop

  7. EmjayJackson

    MSG to nike allow this:If a shoe is release on dec 21 allow us to pre order for a 1 month period Sep 21 to Nov 21 so that true lover of that shoe and get what they need i could care less when i get it as long as i get my shoe i paid for this will kill the re seller and kill lines Think about it NIKE

    • GyanShieldsdad

      @EmjayJackson?Totally agree with you bro. allow people whom want to -to pre-order With no refunds or exchanges. Also only allow one purchase per card and per household no matter what. There are too many loop holes and they pretty much know when a sneakers is gonna fly off the shelves. there are too many people with contacts and “hookups”…they almost have a complete lock on every release. And the early release should be verified or holted.Nike needs to take responsibilty for there products. Boxes should be labeled “us release” or “other country release” So we can seperated the fakes from the real versions. boxes should be marked clear with a label “B grade” or “trail run” accordingly as in any other manufactured product. Customes should know the amount of sneakers available state/country wide. Customers also need a clear understand of ” limited”. That word is thrown around so much its crazy. There is alot of things the NIke company can do. They should be open for growth. At this point I don’t need a whole lot of advertise ment to like A sneaker. I know when I see if I want it or not. ?Bottom line I agree with you Mr. Jackson…let us pre-order and pay upfront..before the hype starts. That will seperate the lovers of sneakers from the hustlers. I’m not hating on anyones side hustle butits waaay too many middle men in this game. Most of the hustlers won’t touch the sneakers unless they know peope want it.. And on a side note they do have pre-orders at but on on alot of things that im not interested in…ie soccer shoes and gear.

  8. shoe_head

    @AlbeezMcDabber? they ?lied too you i work nike headquaters and its been confirmed that the official release date is 1/1/13. You can all breathe now

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