Kicks On Court Diaries: 5 Shoes Nick Young Will Wear This Season

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The champ is here.

Nick Young, the reigning Kicks On Court Champion, has changed surroundings since the last time we spoke with him. After a successful postseason and sneaker run with the Clippers, Young decided to join the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers for this season. Though his surroundings have changed, Nick notices something very familiar in regards to coordinating his kicks on court with the color scheme provided. ?I?ve been with a red, white and blue team ever since I entered the league,? said Young. ?The Wizards are red, white and blue and so are the Clippers and 76ers, so I have a ton of shoes to wear with these jerseys. I still have a lot that I haven?t worn on court yet.?

So, should we expect Swaggy P to run the table again this season? Well, maybe not. ?I may have to take a year off from the shoe game,? Young stated. ?I?m on this one shoe right now. I really like this one shoe that I might wear for a while.? Nick quickly followed that statement up and assured us he will still wear his fair share of different kicks, but there are five shoes he plans to wear consistently. For this installment of our Kicks On Court Diaries series, Nick Young reveals and elaborates on the five types of shoes he will wear this season without a doubt.

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5. Nike Air Foamposite One ?Stealth?

Nike Air Foamposite One "Stealth"

Nike Air Foamposite One “Stealth”

Nick Young: “Of course I?m going to bring out a few Foams at some point. That?s one of my favorite shoes. I have to bring those out from time to time because that?s the shoe that kind of got me over the top. Everybody started paying attention during the playoffs when I brought the red ones. I?m really digging those new, all-black-everything ones. I?m going to bring those out at least one game.”

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  1. OjayJuiceHenry

    i agree Im feeling the yeezy’s on the court, cant say I’ve seen those…. then the whole foam and posite situation will be a good look.

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  4. MartinD44

    He may be taking the year off(only Nick Young would say that) from the shoe game, but what he layed out could contend on its own, especially since hes gonna drop the yeezy 2s. Those might be the?single in game kicks on court winner of the year.

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