Judge Judy Settles Nike Air Yeezy Dispute

Sneaker culture has grown to astronomical levels within the last decade. For better or for worse, it has expanded to all ages, sizes, creeds, and backgrounds. Popular television judge, the honorable Judy Sheindlin, was called in to settle a dispute between two teenagers involving a pair of Nike Air Yeezy “Zen Grey.” The hearing included a suit and counter suit. Before it got too ugly, Judge Judy, though admittedly lacking in knowledge of sneaker commerce, came to a swift and fair judgement. Check out the video, and let us know your thoughts on this situation.


  1. GyanShieldsdad says:

    Always the brats that managed to get these sneakers because the parents are funding……funding the hype beasts. Let them work for those on they’re own. Spoiled kids…

  2. goodwood5 says:

    @DreSmithJr atl when?

    1. DreSmithJr says:

      @goodwood5 December my boy

      1. goodwood5 says:

        @DreSmithJr word. Guess I gotta meet you up there

  3. DreSmithJr says:

    @goodwood5 swaggggg

  4. RE says:

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  5. UGH says:

    Exhibit A of what is wrong with the sneaker culture. A hypebeast, reseller, and the parents funding them all in one courtroom! Disgusting.

  6. Thewritetrackz says:

    The guy at the end #true

  7. WatchYaHead says:

    I like the comments at the end of the video. lol

  8. LEANZ says:

    LOL dude was mad as hell at the end of the video. Sounding like Darth Vader & shht LOL. But I agree homie “wear ya F-ing shoes”

  9. sundeezyy says:

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  10. Naptowns Finest says:

    over some yeezys??? cmon son!!!

  11. GyanShieldsdad says:

    “Buy your effin shoes, wear your effin shoes”…..My new classic line for hypebeasts.

  12. Thomasatxo says:

    Bad biscuits make the baker go broke bro!

  13. nick_hiott says:

    lol at the guy at the end

  14. MartinD44 says:

    Yessir You hit the nail on the head. These little brats are spoiled. All parents should learn that if they spoil their kids, they’re just gonna screw up and get you sued or have you drive cross-state to pick up their shoes for them. Little Crap-weasles