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Michael Beasley has seen it all, and according to the man himself, he has it all.

?I have every pair of Jordans that ever released,? said Beasley. “Jordans are my main priority as far as shoes go.” However, Beasley?s enormous sneaker collection is not completely comprised of Jordans. The former brand member of both Nike and adidas recalls being captivated by three different shoes of three different brands as a child in today?s entry of Kicks On Court Diaries. Find out which three shoes kickstarted Michael Beasley?s fascination for sneakers and upstarted his collection.

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Nike Air Force 1 White

Nike Air Force 1

Michael Beasley: “The all-white Air Force 1s started me into collecting shoes. We call them Uptowns in the D.C. area. I wanted them so bad because you can wear them with anything, so I didn’t have to wear a lot of different clothes to match my shoes.?I remember getting my first pair of Air Force 1s. It was a very special moment because growing up, that was the “in” shoe. Everybody had Air Force 1s in the D.C. area.”

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  • Naptowns Finest

    beasley just certified himself as trill!!!

  • Naptowns Finest

    jordans are the greatest!!!

  • JazzyJeffJeff

    im mad his first jordans were the 15s tho… ugh.

  • straightfitted

    1’s, close.

  • Rockaway Bully

    Damn he’s dumb they call them up towns cuz it was a style mostly worn by People in uptown New York Harlem the heights areas like that n 15’s r the ugliest of the number Jordan’s ever

  • OjayJuiceHenry

    remember beasley is young Is not like he grew up when the first joints came out… 15’s in that color only are aight by far not the ugliest though.

    • Naptowns Finest

      ?i love the og and obsidian 15s! the carolina pair is 1 of my favorite js of alltime.

  • bingham302
  • treesty

    Is it possible to have every pair of J’s that ever released if your 1st pair was the XVs? ?That would mean every previous CW retroed since the XVs. ?Is that true? ?I guess he has the money to seek out original releases for ridiculous prices if he wanted to.