Kicks On Court Diaries: A Sneak Peek Inside Stephen Jackson’s Sneaker Closet

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Stephen Jackson is a professional basketball player, yet, basketball, alone, doesn’t define him.

Captain Jack is into other things these days. He’s been rapping ever since he started playing basketball and will be releasing his debut album, Jack Of All Trades, on the same day the 2012-2013 NBA season tips off; he runs a basketball camp for kids that features some of the top, young talent in Texas. Jack is also a longtime, faithful sneaker collector of mostly Jordans ever since MJ himself added him to the Jordan Brand roster years ago. “I remember my first season with the Bobcats,” said the Port Arthur native. “I helped the Charlotte Bobcats get to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, and because of that, MJ blessed me with a sneaker contract.”

Since then, Stephen has racked up over 2,000 pairs of Jordans in his closet, and they are all organized by color, a task he says his wife accomplished up while he was on tour promoting his music. As the second entry of our Kicks On Court Diaries series and the first installment of our new column called Sneak Peek, Captain Jack invited us to his home to get an exclusive, in-depth ‘sneak peek’ inside his sneaker-filled closet. Check out the video above to see Nice Kicks’ associate editor George Kiel III chop it up with Stephen Jackson and run through his favorites.

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Big thanks to Rod D and Hot Rod.

Throughout the Kicks On Court Diaries series, follow associate editor George Kiel III on Twitter at @geokthree for updates.

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Sid Ashford is a Houston, TX native that now lives in Austin. He loves debating sports and sneakers. He is often times called the 'Stephen A. Smith' of the office.

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  1. Sam_NoIAm

    Dang….all of yall are blessed I just pray I can walk on the inside of a house that looks like that let alone own one for myself

  2. elrolio

    @nicekicks oh, i LOVe this, looking fwd to seeing him rock his “20 pair” of spizikes on court this season.

  3. elrolio

    @nicekicks (thats a not so subtle way of saying: make sure kicks on court got good shots of his spizike IDs for my inspiration)

        • @garikjan3 Ok so let me get this straight. You’re saying that Stephen Jackson a millionaire that has a shoe contract with Jordan Brand has a fake pair of bin 9’s because the ones pictured on are way more shiny and darker along with the jumpman on the sole? You do release there’s a difference in lighting when you taking a picture of something versus when it’s video recorded right? Also you can clearly see that a bright ass light was shinning on them when he showed them in the video. Lastly for you to say “if you knew what bin 9s actually looked like, you would think the same.”. This is another dumb comment because I would never question the authenticity of someone’s Jordan’s who is rich and has a contract with Jordan Brand.

        • @garikjan3 You have freedom of speech and can obviously say what you want but your comment saying the bin 9’s were fake was dumb and I wasn’t the only person who felt that way.

  4. jmat

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