adidas D Rose 3.5

First spotted two weeks ago, new images of the adidas D Rose 3.5 have become public. As with the adidas D Rose 2.5, the sneaker keeps a similar build to its whole numbered brethren while adding a bit of technology. A webbed design on the toe cap adds flair, and the ankle is full leather as opposed to the fabric gracing the D Rose 3. The sole remains the same on this sneaker, and we see it in both Chicago Bulls themed colorways and Rose?s Simeon High School colors. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for adidas D Rose 3.5 release information.

adidas D Rose 3.5

adidas D Rose 3.5

adidas D Rose 3.5

adidas D Rose 3.5

Source: hupu


  1. RomeoJoPangilinan says:

    im good on these. ?adirose 1.5 still the best looking IMO

    1. kustoo says:

      @RomeoJoPangilinan?I have to go with the 2.5

  2. Komplete18 says:

    Haftu see it in person….. Im in the fence about these

    1. DiPdeeeZ says:

      @Komplete18 Bruh. Stay as far away from that fence as possible.

  3. Dcperez95 says:

    @Chri7Hernandez oh we’ll man….I mean I expected it cause that’s what they do. I’m fine with my 2.5s I’ve had them since January lol

  4. Dcperez95 says:

    @Chri7Hernandez plus I don’t like the way these look….

    1. Chri7Hernandez says:

      @Dcperez95 yeah and the new lebrons are like $50 more, im going to start playing ball in crocs lol

  5. El_Guaynabicho says:

    @TheOnlyLuillo Las 3 est?n en MiAdidas estaba pensando pedir unas

    1. TheOnlyLuillo says:

      @El_Guaynabicho pidelas…las vi en persona y se ven cabronas! Ese estilo nuevo esta gufiao.

  6. tr3stan says:

    Are these kix been released? I saw some from ebay… Needing help

  7. tr3stan says:

    Are these released in Asia already? As I’ve seen some from Ebay (seems to be legit) just need a bit of a help in here before making decisions