Air Jordan 11 “Galaxy” Custom Auction on eBay

The Air Jordan 11 ?Galaxy? Custom caused an explosion in the comment section when they first hit our site. Now the Peculiar Kinetics creation is available for auction. This 1 of 1 custom is up now at eBay.

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 “Galaxy” Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 “Galaxy” Custom


  1. Nick_II_Quick says:

    I’m sorry but I hate these.

  2. Ezbe13 says:

    Looks okay but te black part should had been white …. Would had looked better I think

  3. geeman4life says:


  4. They should’ve done the galaxy print like the others.

  5. mikeykicks says:

    I love aj 11′s and pretty much every galaxy shoe but these are ugly

  6. i_luv_kickz says:

    Wonder how much the final price will be… $2000? Lol

  7. Chaubri says:

    Ruined a good pair of 11′s smh

  8. Neezy says:


  9. _JoshDiaz says:

    @ThePrettyBitch_ im hipp!!

    1. ThePrettyBitch_ says:

      @_JoshDiaz http://t.co/V5CFFSg4

  10. JohnEstrella says:

    FAKES FROM CHINA. look um up. there all over the place…0_o