DJ Mars Breaks Down His 20 Favorite New Balance Collaborations

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“I’m from Massachusetts, and they’re (New Balance) from Massachusetts. It’s a representation of home pride.” – DJ Mars

You don’t know New Balance like DJ Mars knows New Balance.

The Boston-bred DJ, owner of one of the biggest New Balance collections, has been an avid fan of the Massachusetts-based sneaker company since a kid, and New Balance has noticed. Over the past couple of years, DJ Mars has appeared in several New Balance campaigns, with the most recent featuring him discussing how his love for NBs came about. On the eve of the UNDFTD X colette X LA MJC X New Balance release, two of his favorite New Balance collabs, we hooked up with the superstar DJ to find out his favorite New Balance collaborations of all-time. As he stated, “I have?some unexpected heat?in here.”

Check out DJ Mars’?20 Favorite New Balance Collaborations of All-Time.

20. ALMOND x New Balance 1500

DJ Mars
DJ Mars: When these dropped in 2009, they owned the market. From the buttery suede look to the gum soles, these look right on your feet. The simple design inspirations, such as the star on the top lace hole, shows you that someone put in some effort. Small details like that make the collaborations special. ALMOND and New Balance won with this combo!

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  1. bingham302 says:

    for sale size 10 dark neon royal foamposite >>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/261111590226?ss

  2. Sblaha says:

    @nicekicks the picture for #10 is the wrong la mjc 1500. Patent leather and stars isn’t the recent release.

  3. Sblaha says:

    Solid RT @nicekicks DJ Mars Breaks Down His 20 Favorite New Balance Collaborations http://t.co/TO2fvd1p

  4. FrankTheButcher says:

    @djmars404 @nicekicks Salute

    1. djmars404 says:

      @FrankTheButcher @nicekicks its only right bro…I’ve never seen a pair of NB’s get that much attention…ever!

  5. joey_belle says:

    @djmars404 @solecollector I am STUNNED at that list.. No solebox??? No crooked tongues???

    1. djmars404 says:

      @joey_belle @solecollector they got heat for sure,just didn’t make my top 20.

      1. joey_belle says:

        @djmars404 I hear ya.. It is urs.. But the 997.5 are AMAZING and great choice!!

        1. djmars404 says:

          @joey_belle those joints r sick bro.

        2. joey_belle says:

          @djmars404 they are.. It’s one of the pairs I feel honored to own.. Wish I could find another pair!!

        3. djmars404 says:

          @joey_belle I need em!

        4. joey_belle says:

          @djmars404 may the luck be with u on ur search!!

  6. PremiumPete says:

    @djmars404 Dope List!

    1. djmars404 says:

      @PremiumPete thanks P,I really appreciate it bro.

      1. PremiumPete says:

        @djmars404 I’m in your town my man

        1. djmars404 says:

          @PremiumPete I’m spinning at Dunk Exchange event today.

        2. PremiumPete says:

          @djmars404 I’ll come through

        3. djmars404 says:

          @PremiumPete word!

  7. geokthree says:

    @djmars404 I see you with that look on Complex. Good stuff, man. Again, the list was awesome. So man NB collabs.

    1. djmars404 says:

      @geokthree the coverage and the response has been super dope…totally good idea for yall to have done the list.

    2. geokthree says:

      @djmars404 Give the credit to yourself. You made it an interesting read with the picks and commentary. #whereareyourunningtonext

    3. djmars404 says:

      @geokthree humbled!

  8. djmars404 says:

    @PremiumPete your in the A?

  9. PremiumPete says:

    @djmars404 Aye, Aye OK

  10. geokthree says:

    @sneakerboxClyde Thanks man. I appreciate that, homie.

  11. sneakerboxClyde says:

    @geokthree No problem. I’m bout read it in a few.

  12. geokthree says:

    @sneakerboxClyde okay cool. Let me know what you think.

  13. JohnGotty says:

    @djmars404 good stuff my dude.

    1. djmars404 says:

      @JohnGotty thank u bro,for real!

  14. vinhyluu says:

    IMO, a top 20 list of NB’s can’t be complete without Providers, Black Beards, and Purple Devils!

  15. scottgold123 says:

    perfect list, but the seals should be a couple numbers higher

  16. treesty says:

    Kennedy’s are the most comfy shoes I’ve ever owned. ?Although Halfhill convinced me to order some Saucony shadow 600s that may well rival them. ?Regardless, the softness of the interior combined with what we all know 999s deliver make a shoe that I hate taking off.

  17. Loch121 says:

    @djmars404 Morning

  18. Loch121 says:

    @djmars404 actually good afternoon

  19. andred77777 says:

    Mars need to stay away from the badly shaped “Asian” made nbs and stay more with made in USA and uk pairs. The list is terrible IMO! Most of the shoes on this list are NOT best representing new balance. Although the seals are nice materials, they are horribly shaped as compared to the old “USA” made 999s. Same with the nice kicks 1500s, Kennedy’s, burn rubbers, and so on. The real nb fans do not pay attention to this crap. The ones that have been wearing nb before all this collabo shit. I wish the us companies like nice kicks and bodega would use USA made nbs instead of using the cheaper Asian made nbs. I understand there’s a longer wait to produce them but why sacrifice on quality. Love that mars reps nb but someone needs to hook him up.