Nike LeBron X+ iD Now Available

Will you be the next great colorway creator? Nike is giving you the power with the LeBron X+ iD. A vast palette of tones offers plenty of options to re-create favorites or make your own classic from scratch. Get designing now at Nike iD.

NikeiD LeBron X+ “Sport Pack”

NikeiD LeBron X+

NikeiD LeBron X


  1. AVPNYKFan7 says:

    i hope NBA 2K13 hav an update 4 these so we can Nike iD them on the video game

  2. ekwi24 says:

    @Ohn_Off not for 220$ my dude

  3. Ohn_Off says:

    @ekwi24 $240 :/

  4. ekwi24 says:

    @Ohn_Off shit my point exatly

  5. Ohn_Off says:

    @ekwi24 I like them. I think it’s worth it. Th sports pack ones are like $320. I don’t even know why

  6. ekwi24 says:

    @Ohn_Off so pointless but yeah they are soo sick

  7. Ohn_Off says:

    @ekwi24 I’d still like I cop some 9′s though..