It’s the last shoe deal of my career.?Dwyane Wade.

In one of the biggest moves of the season, Dwyane Wade?has signed with Li-Ning for a new signature sneaker. Earlier this week, we showed you the black/white makeup, but today Wade has revealed two additional colorways of the anticipated performance sneaker designed for the Heat’s China games. One is a black and gold color scheme, and the other has a grey base with a fluorescent red sole. No information on a release date, but stay updated with Nice Kicks for further details.

Dwyane Wade Li-Ning Signature

Dwyane Wade Li-Ning Signature

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Source: Tim Reynolds/Darren Rovell

  • Komplete18

    Shoe looks damn heavy. Heavier than the hyperposite

  • a215m30

    I mean, they can look as cool as they want but there still Li Ning … Not trying to be a downer

  • a215m30

    I’ve seen that tongue somewhere …. Hyperdunk?

    • Neezy

      @a215m30?HELL-to-the-NO! What Hyperdunks have you been looking at?

  • Neezy

    I guess people still see *add Jordan # here* and every other thing in these as well… LMFAO @ these being “better than anything Jordan made for Wade,” oh please!

    • PerryFlores

      @Neezy it had the potential to be cool if that tumor on the side of the? shoe was a nike swoosh it cold have been dope I? am not so sure about the holes so your foot can breath but It that would probably just be for Wade the personally and the pattern on the toebox and the back of the shoe must go

    • unable to display member name

      @Neezy It had potential if they didnt add that stupid pattern on the toe box and the back of the shoe it could have been cool. If I? was Wade I probably would have signed with nike If that tumor on the side of? that shoe was a nike swoosh it coulf have been dope and the just would have added the holes? that make the shoe breathable on wades personal shoe

  • Koach_CartER

    bruh he should havestayed with jb those are horendes omg the fugly as hell

  • JakeHerring

    he should have stayed with converse

  • Zvarner3

    I want them,

  • AzizQadeer

    They remind me of Lebrons. I would cop based on comfort/price.

  • AzizQadeer


  • rant and whine

    i see BC3s sans the elephant print, Lebron 2 and a lot of, well, LI NING…dafuq is this all about..sigh

  • Lbiddle25

    @thenamesNICE a WHOOOOLLEEE lot

    • thenamesNICE

      @Lbiddle25 then shits is Turrible

  • Mr Laurant

    Just need better designers they should hire some of the future sole’s runner up’s because most time thier designs are hotter than the winner’s……just a thought.

  • Mr Laurant


  • BRUCE610


  • jmuellr10

    these look like bricks

  • jmuellr10

    I do like the “W” that they did with the bottom of the laces.

  • WiLLsSiDeKicK

    I think the majority of us didn’t like his shoes with Jordan, but they were a lot better than these.

  • JusJAY0_0

    If they had a nike swoosh yall would be all over them

    • _DFrance

      @JusJAY0_0?Nah, his old sneakers had a jumpman and still, no one bought them,

    • KickGator

      @JusJAY0_0?Exactly, these cats would be hypebeastin’ on these shoes, if they had a swoosh on them.

  • Jonathan Broder

    looks like a combo of the peak and the jordan 2k10 w/o window! def pass!

  • _DFrance

    Wade with these hideous joints and Chalmers in Spaldings. ?The Heat might have the worst footwear of any starting backcourt in NBA history.

  • bmoreskrap

    all i can say is that he must have got one hell of an endorsement deal these look lawful

  • ballislife_tawfeeq

    cmon wade, you’re better than this man. this is degrading

  • ballislife_tawfeeq

    these joints look like generics on nba 2k13

  • CliffMiller

    wtf yall hatin for if they had nike check yall would be like might cop they actually look like the lebron 10

    • KickGator

      @CliffMiller?Thank you, my point exactly..if there was a Nike swoosh on it
      they’d be singing a different tune.

  • herchanks

    these are straight booty

    • BigDMoney208

      @herchanks I think the red ones would look good if it had a icey sole. Black and gold looks like a failed version of the Nike elite shoes.

  • tagrayso

    These not bad at all. Yall hypebeast out there just mad cuz it aint Nike or Jordan. If they was yall would be ridin these like a mf. Im coppin.

  • SalThatdude

    @FinishLine not a hater, but it has to be his last. How many chances does one get to have a winning shoe? I’m not sold.

  • djjboogie845

    @FinishLine when do they drop

  • nopalazulvision

    @FinishLine this is better than that crapy Jordan deal

  • Los2911

    @FinishLine @dwyanewade @liningusa Kind of a knock off looking version of the #LebronX

  • Mark_Rascon

    @FinishLine those are terrible, but then again so were his jordan brand shoes.

    • FinishLine

      @Mark_Rascon many people seem to have similar feelings. From Converse to Li-Ning he hasn’t had a real hit.

  • bigALDeVille

    @FinishLine I definitely wouldn’t buy those shoes.

    • FinishLine

      @bigALDeVille I’m not sure too many will. I remember BD’s Li-Ning sig sitting on shelves for months and I thought that looked better.

      • bigALDeVille

        @FinishLine the only place you will see them at in 2014 is Ross marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory

        • FinishLine

          @bigALDeVille LOL

  • bingham302

    for sale size 10 dark neon royal foamposite >>>

  • X Ray

    Real talk , D wades new kicks look like British Knights or some damn Frankenstein boots ! smh

  • X Ray

    And what’s funny is that fake azz smile in the pic ! He looks like he just seen the shoes himself for the first time and thinking ” Got damn Li-Ning , these joints look like straight azz!”

  • LivingIdeaGroup

    Dese heauxs azzzz nicca!!!!

  • renancurt

    All of you hate it because it is made by ASIAN. WHAT A RACIST

  • renancurt

    All of you hate it because it is made by ASIAN. WHAT A RACIST…. what if the taylor of jb,nike,adidas,converse is ASIAN? DO ALL OF YOU STILL BUY IT?

  • Jonathan Broder

    Gar-bage…jb did him wrong but those shoes are straight trash!